PressReleaseRSSMinister for Health to attend the 65th session of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Committee Meeting (RCM), 12-14 Oct 2014MOH Contributes Ebola Aid Package to WHOCOMMUNITY HEALTH ASSIST SCHEME (CHAS) SUBSIDY FOR THE PIONEER GENERATIONPublic Consultation on Home Care Guidelines and Centre-based Care GuidelinesMOH to Publish Data on Total Operation Fees for Common Procedures to Give More Information to Help Patients and FamiliesMOH to enhance MediShield CoverageSingapore�™s Response to World Health Organisation�™s (WHO) ReportMOH’s Statement on Delay in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital’s OpeningMOH�™s response to WHO’s declaration of PHEICAdditional Precautionary Measures for EbolaPresident�™s Award for Nurses 2014MINISTRY OF HEALTH WELCOMES THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE REVIEW COMMITTEE (FOR DISCIPLINARY PROCESSES)EIGHTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD MAN PASSES AWAY FROM DENGUEMORE HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS HAVE MET THE EXPECTATIONS OF PATIENTS IN 2013 PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEYGovernment accepts recommendations of MediShield Life Review Committee; announces $4 billion in subsidies and support for MediShield Life premiumsThree additional sites for anonymous HIV testing from July 2014Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme to commence in September 2014Government welcomes recommendations by MediShield Life Review Committee; commits support for MediShield Life premiumsSenior Minister of State for Health to Attend the 67th World Health Assembly, 18 to 21 May 2014Additional Measure for Early Detection of MERS-CoVEnhanced precautionary measure against MERS-CoVMOH’s response to NTUC’s recommendationsMaintain vigilance against MERS-CoVDiverse taskforce set up to look into the communications and outreach for the Pioneer Generation PackageMaintain vigilance against avian influenza A/H7N9A TRIBUTE TO OUR PIONEERS! PIONEER GENERATION PACKAGE TO RECOGNISE THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF OUR PIONEERSGovernment responds to MediShield Life Review Committee�™s preliminary observationsMedia Briefing by the MediShield Life Review CommitteeMaintain vigilance against avian influenza A/H7N9Cluster of Influenza Cases at Childcare CentreEnhanced Nursing Home Standards to Provide Better Care for SeniorsFIFTY-NINE-YEAR-OLD WOMAN PASSES AWAY FROM DENGUEMOH and HPB Urge At-risk Groups to go for Regular TestingAPPOINTMENT OF NEW DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL SERVICESSeventh dengue death in SingaporeMore needy and elderly patients receive aid through MedifundAPPOINTMENT OF MEDISHIELD LIFE REVIEW COMMITTEEHaze subsidy scheme to cease with the end of dry seasonHealth Minister to attend the 64th session of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Committee Meeting (RCM), 21-22 Oct 2013MOH updates Table of Surgical Procedures to keep pace with medical developmentsSixth dengue death in SingaporeHealth Minister in Japan to study ways to address needs of ageing populationIncrease in Medisave withdrawal limits for premiumsSPEECH BY MR GAN KIM YONG, MINISTER FOR HEALTH, AT THE GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY FOR YISHUN COMMUNITY HOSPITAL ON 23 AUGUST 2013,Speech by Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, at the Opening Ceremony of the 9th Singapore International Congress of O&G 2013, at Raffles City Convention Centre, on 22 August 2013Fifth dengue death in SingaporeNew Plans for Integrated Development in Woodlands Unveiled to Better Address Community NeedsPresident’s Award for Nurses 2013Fourth Dengue Death in SingaporeSpeech by Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, at the Opening Ceremony of the International Conference on Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare, 9 July 2013Our Singapore Conversation on HealthcareDistribution of free N95 Masks to commence this weekend, 22 Jun 2013NEA Advisory – Update on Haze Situation (17 June 2013)Greater vigilance needed against dengue with first dengue death caseHealth Minister to attend the 66th World Health Assembly, 19-23 May 2013MOH Signs Fifth Plan of Cooperation in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the People’s Republic of China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in BeijingMOH statement on first confirmed H7N9 case in TaiwanLaunch of Public Consultation Exercise on Healthy Living Master PlanHealth Advisory Notices to be distributed at AirportsMinistry of Health closely monitoring the influenza A (H7N9) situationMedifund Reaches More Needy And Elderly PatientsHealthcare Cluster Tripartite Workgroup to Boost Career and Wage Progression for Healthcare Support StaffHealth Minister to attend the Global Health Policy Summit, 30 July �“ 1 August 2012President�™s Award for Nurses 2012Launch of Public Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Voluntary Sterilization Act (VSA)New Opening Hours For National Blood Centre CQnoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–chas–subsidy-for-the-pioneer-ge2014-09-20T01:12:31.136Z2014-09-20T01:12:31.136Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01 part of its regular review to ensure the effectiveness of the MediShield scheme, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will be introducing a number of measures to enhance MediShield coverage.–who–report2014-08-27T08:19:24.682Z2014-08-27T08:19:24.682Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–pioneer-generation-package-to-recogni2014-02-09T07:57:28.335Z2014-02-09T07:57:28.335Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–prelim2014-02-04T07:47:29.654Z2014-02-04T07:47:29.654Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–minister-for-health–at-the-groundbre2013-08-23T04:50:34.162Z2013-08-23T04:50:34.162Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–mr-gan-kim-yong–at-the-opening-c02013-08-22T10:53:52.068Z2013-08-22T10:53:52.068Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–mr-gan-kim-yong–at-the-opening-c2013-07-09T05:59:23.705Z2013-07-09T05:59:23.705Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–22-jun-2013-06-25T10:31:42.259Z2013-06-25T10:31:42.259Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01—update-on-haze-situation–17-june-2013-2013-06-17T13:18:37.529Z2013-06-17T13:18:37.529Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–19-23-2013-05-16T03:22:36.579Z2013-05-16T03:22:36.579Znoemail@noemail.orgmoh_web_interwcms_admin01–h7n9–sit2013-04-06T07:23:55.480Z2013-04-06T07:23:55.480Znoemail@noemail.orgadmin outstanding and exemplary nurses will receive the President�™s Award for Nurses from President Tony Tan Keng Yam at the Nurses Day Istana Reception on 24 July 2012. Into its thirteenth year, the award is the national accolade for the nursing profession. Voluntary Sterilization Act (VSA)1 was enacted in 1970 to protect the rights of individuals who wish to elect for the sterilization procedures in authorised healthcare establishments. It was introduced then for the purpose of family planning. effect from 2 Jan 98, the opening hours of the National Blood Centre located at Outram Road will be changed.