BEIJING and NEW YORK, April 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Pacer Health has announced that their popular activity and health tracking app Pacer for iPhone will be sporting a brand new companion, the Pacer app for Apple Watch.

"We’re thrilled to be one of the first apps available for Apple Watch," explained Pacer’s co-founder Michael Caldwell. "We set out to use technology to help people live healthier lives, and the Apple Watch has created a natural space for us to innovate."

The Pacer app for Apple Watch will introduce a new feature designed just for the Apple Watch: the Daily Step Challenge. Users can directly challenge friends to see who can take the most steps in a day.

According to Caldwell, "It’s a new way for people to motivate and support each other to be more active. What’s so great about it is that using Actionable Notifications, the whole interaction of challenging a friend can be done in a couple of seconds from your wrist."

Additionally, the app will deliver timely notifications to users when they reach their daily activity goals. Notifications will also show real-time messages of motivation and encouragement from friends.

Some of the Pacer app for Apple Watch will be familiar to users of the iPhone version of the app. The Glance shows a quick summary of the user’s day so far, including current activity level and daily goals. Within the app itself, users can also check out their friends’ daily steps alongside their own.

The Pacer app for Apple Watch will be made available to all users of the Pacer app for iPhone from 24 April.

Pacer Health, Inc. developed the Pacer app with the mission of using mobile technology to help everyday people live more active and healthier lives. Officially launched in 2013, the app has been downloaded nearly 20 million times by users around the world.

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