Showcases FusionSphere 5.0 Cloud Operating System at OpenStack Paris Summit 2014

PARIS, November 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei today participated in the 5-day OpenStack Paris Summit 2014. As a Gold Member of OpenStack Foundation, Huawei shared its latest contribution to the OpenStack community, experience in promoting OpenStack for telecom infrastructure transformation, and accomplishment in enhancing OpenStack-based NFV technology, developing OpenStack cascading as well as the OpenStack-based automated deployment tool Compass. In addition, Huawei showcased its OpenStack-based cloud offerings including the latest FusionSphere 5.0 cloud operating system on November 3rd to 7th, 2014.

Wang Haiying, CTO of Huawei Cloud Computing Product Line, remarked in the keynote, “Huawei enjoys the fastest growth of contribution to OpenStack community among all OpenStack members and has successfully stimulated the expansion of OpenStack globally. In the long run, Huawei will continue to accelerate the fusion between OpenStack and NFV and hope to work with all industry partners to create a healthy OpenStack ecosystem.”

OpenStack, within four years of its launch, has been widely-recognized within the ICT industry for its open and advanced architecture, efficient community development and operations, and flexible licensing model. The platform has become the most influential open-source cloud computing project. Since joining the OpenStack Foundation as the Gold Member in 2013, Huawei has continued to increase its investment in the platform. Huawei’s OpenStack R&D team grew from five hundred to six hundred engineers. The company has made significant contributions to all official OpenStack Juno projects. Achievements include submission of 98 blueprints (ranked second among all OpenStack members), completion of 23 blueprints (ranked sixth among all OpenStack members), identification of solutions to resolve 70 bugs (ranked ninth among all OpenStack members), and submitting codes 130 times (ranked tenth among all OpenStack members). In addition, Huawei’s research in NFV has been integral to the development of OpenStack-enabled NFV technology. By integrating NFV functionalities, Huawei helps accelerate the transformation for telecom carriers and communication technologies.

In September 2014, Huawei officially launched its OpenStack-based FusionSphere 5.0 cloud OS at Huawei Cloud Computing Congress. From November 3 to 7, 2014, FusionSphere 5.0 will be showcased at OpenStack Paris Summit. Aside from enabling open-source, enterprise-level reliability, and enhanced performance and safety, FusionSphere 5.0 offers open, heterogeneous, unified cloud service and resources scheduling management across multiple data centers for large-scale distributed deployment scenarios, supporting customers including Telefonica and Vodafone.

Mr. Ren Zhipeng, President of Huawei IT Cloud Computing Product Line, said, “The latest FusionSphere 5.0 OS adopts the latest OpenStack Juno architecture as its basic infrastructure cloud service and dispatching management software. The solution provides software-defined data center, storage, and network functionalities; optimized management automation capabilities; and integrates these features with OpenStack’s management framework through standard OpenStack plug-in units and OpenStack-driven mechanisms.”

Huawei is committed to focusing on OpenStack R&D and collaborating with industry partners with the aim of promoting widespread application and large-scale commercial deployment of OpenStack in enterprise cloud data centers and NFV for the telecom industry.

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