– When Was the Last Time You Touched Your Mother’s Hands? This Touching Video Shows Mother and Child Holding Hands with Words for “Thanks, Mom” –

– When Grown-up Children Hold Mothers’ Hands Once Again after Many Years and Relate Words of Appreciation –

– Survey Finds One in Four Have Not Touched Mom’s Hands for Over Decade –

TOKYO, October 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Nivea-Kao Co., Ltd. (President: Masato Matsubayashi) has released a video of mothers and their grown-up children titled “Mother’s Hands Again.” The release coincides with the launching of the “Thanks to your hands 2014” campaign on October 10 (Hand-in-Hand Day), celebrations of hands – both your own and those of the special people in your life.

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In the video mothers and children hold hands for the first time in many years. Each daughter or son gives her or his mother a hand massage, and the feelings of gratitude are reflected in various forms of emotions such as tears welling up in their eyes.

The people in the video are real mothers and children. The movie is simple – mothers talking with their sons or daughters while receiving a hand massage – but it is sure to strike a chord with just about everyone.

We hope this campaign will revive childhood memories of holding hands with your mothers and encourage grown-up children to hold hands with their mothers once again – with the help of atrix hand cream.

– Thanks to your hands 2014 special website: http://www.kao.co.jp/nivea/atrix/thanks2014
– YouTube video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=B39ZMZypck4

Survey findings

“When was the last time you felt your mother’s hands?” A “Happiness through Hands” survey of Kao Plaza members shows that 43% haven’t held them for at least two years and 26% of them haven’t held them for more than 10 years.

– Subjects: Kao Plaza members (women in their teens to 50s)
– Number of respondents: 14,567
– Survey period: Sept. 10-21, 2014

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