In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Nestle rolled out the New Life Better Life program in Taiwan recently, a press release from the company stated.

The program utilizes mobile devices and software to assist health-conscious users track activity and diet information. The company feels that the program will effectively take advantage of the growing use of mobile electronics and growing consciousness of physical health among the public.

The program combines one-on-one nutrition consultancy, custom diet planning and integrates with the new Epson Pulsense PS-500 heart rate monitor with activity tracking. The company is partnering with World Gym on the project and hopes to use the program to promote its Nestle Health Supplement, the promotion on which they are working with entertainer Richie Jen, the company stated.

The program was well-received at its launch in Singapore, where the company is promoting it as a professional, inclusive health plan incorporating diet, exercise and other activity components. It's estimated that up to 78 percent of users so far have either achieved or exceeded set targets and would recommend the program to friends, according to the company.

From now until May 25, users can log on and register at the "New Life Better Life program" website ( ) for discount of 50 percent off regular program costs: a comprehensive package valued at more than NT$25,000 for only NT$12,000 payable over three monthly installments, averaging NT$4000 per month. The program starts from June 6 and runs to Aug. 28 with special exclusive memberships available to only 100 users. Log on and register today to seize the opportunity to join this exciting 10-year healthy living program, the company stated.

Source: China Post