Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has ordered a review of traffic fines, particularly with regard to drink driving, because of a surge in traffic accidents.

"Drink driving is an irresponsible act which costs lives, and the authorities should consider being draconian in this sector," he told Andrew Azzopardi in a recording of the Radio Malta programme Ghandi xi nghid, due to be broadcast tomorrow at 10am.

Dr Muscat said prohibition was not a solution because it only drove drinking underground, but there should be stiff penalties to deter abuse such as drink driving.

"This is an issue of responsibility," he stressed. People appeared to be responsible over Christmas but this needed to be kept up throughout the year.

On motorists' frustration because of the traffic situation, Dr Muscat regretted that a consultation document on a transport strategy had been practically ignored.

He said that a ferry between the south and Valletta was doing well.

He viewed underground tunnels as a possible solution for the future, but said having a mono rail would mean having trains alongside people's windows.

He disagreed with suggestions about raising licence fees and creating new hurdles for people to buy cars, as is done, for example, in Singapore, where the number of cars is limited.

Source: Times Of Malta