BEIJING, January 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) giant Coursera held an online conference and announced that the company has officially partnered with Hujiang, China’s ever expanding online education platform. The first step of this cooperation with Coursera is to build its own online identity and community within the Hujiang platform in order to offer interactive learning from a top foreign educational institution and the ability to gain relevant certificates and more.

At the conference, Coursera’s director in China, Eli Bildner, gave in-depth details about settling into the Hujiang community. After establishing an official Hujiang-Coursera community, Coursera will bring its excellent curriculum from elite international schools, abundant resources, after class activities and discussions, as well as services to help users’ pronunciation, grammar, translation and interesting ways in which to expand student’s enjoyment and understanding of the curriculum.

As a world class MOOC platform, Coursera entered the Chinese market in 2013, cooperating with many famous Chinese enterprises and universities. In addition to publishing Chinese curriculums, translating foreign curriculums, cooperating with Chinese universities and establishing Chinese learning communities, Coursera has also been exploring more suitable Chinese online education strategies and partners.

Last November, Eli Bildner visited Hujiang and conducted an in-depth discussion on the matter of cooperation and now the two sides have officially launched their new venture. After partnering with Hujiang, the whole language translation service provided by Hujiang will be able to help more users learn course from Coursera. Together the new platform will also enhance the online social community, making it easier for users to effectively complete all MOOC courses and improve the overall content and resources of MOOC courses provided in China.

For Coursera, the cooperation with Hujiang will allow Chinese Internet users to learn the curriculum with a more familiar online platform, improving the popularity of Coursera in China. For Hujiang, Coursera will provide better services and more high-quality learning content and resources for Hujiang’s 200 million users.

In the future, the cooperation between the two sides is likely to expand, including popular teachers from Coursera opening classes in Hujiang, as well as the educational resources of Hujiang into Coursera‘s platform.

One is China’s largest Internet learning platform, with 80 million active users. The other is the most popular international online education platform, which holds the world’s top teaching resources. Cooperation between these two parties will improve the two-way integration of domestic and foreign education resources and promote the sustainable and stable growth of the online education industry in the world.

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