HAMBURG, Germany, March 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Mondia Media presented "Mondia Mix" at the Mobile World Congress 2015, as part of the Mobile Connect initiative, from the GSMA, and in partnership with Universal Music, who provided the content exclusively for the showcase, curated by "DIGSTER".


"Mondia Mix" is a music streaming playlist application for iOS and Android smartphones. Based on a subscription service, users can stream playlists and select tracks for offline usage, whilst keeping music right holders protected and minimizing data costs.

Offered as a white label service, "Mondia Mix" is set-up and adjusted to each customer’s market in a few days. Subscription prices and cycles are independent from features, allowing customers to select the most effective consumer proposition. The content catalogue and editorial choices are managed through a dedicated CMS. Customers can even develop their independent front ends, using Mondia Media’s Music API.

"Mondia Mix" is targeted at mobile operators wanting to launch an entry level, high quality music streaming application. Using mobile operator authentication and billing, it integrates with operator’s core services in a seamless manner.

Mondia Media will carry on using Mobile Connect as a means of having a unified authentication mechanism for its mobile operator services, as is the case of "Mondia Mix".

About Mondia Media

As a leading independent digital entertainment enabler, we create and operate digital entertainment solutions for our partners across the globe, ranging from telecom operators and hardware manufacturers, to media companies and broadcasters.

With the "Mondia Media Entertainment Universe", we established a convergent all-in-one solution at a high level of technological expertise. We offer our partners the services of managing, distributing and billing the entire portfolio of entertainment content from a single platform.