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Mobileum’s Machine to Machine (M2M) Technology and Applause’s Global Community of Professional Testers Collaborate to Create the Largest, Readily Available Roaming Testing Ecosystem in the World 

Mobileum, the leader in analytics solutions for telecom business transformation, today announced that it has partnered with Applause, the 360-degree App Quality™ company, to test roaming services in the wild, under real-world conditions. Through this partnership, Mobileum will equip members of Applause’s global community of professional testers with Mobileum’s new Machine to Machine (M2M) technology at 200 locations worldwide, to perform top of line, enhanced outbound roaming testing.


In today’s mobile apps economy, it’s important that customers of mobile operators have winning experiences anywhere in the world. In a world of increasing travel and decreasing customer loyalty, mobile operators need to maintain a certain quality of experience for outbound roamers. To ensure high-quality roaming experience – with regard to call drops, service interruptions, data service and application performance – monitoring and testing must be carried out constantly and consistently at multiple locations worldwide, where roamers use the service.  

In the past, such testing was often done using End-To-End robots located in data centers across the world. However, this method has limited effectiveness, as these static robots measure services always under same conditions, instead of testing real roamer experience. For example, a foreign visitor who lands in New York will most likely visit popular destinations such as Central Park, Metropolitan Museum or Times Square, dynamically moving across the city. Using static tests, it wouldn’t be possible for an operator to fully understand how the visitor’s service experience is getting affected as he moves from one location to another, or in a popular location that is not covered by a static robot.

Mobileum’s new M2M test robots, coupled with Applause’s global community, enable testing to be done where roaming actually happens – at event locations, at congestion locations, at tourist hotspots – and at any time of the day, any day of the week.

"Our M2M technology will change the way roaming experience is measured," said Ori Sasson, CEO of Mobileum. "We will be enabling mobile operators to test and improve the quality of service actually experienced by their roamers, thus minimizing service disruptions and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty."

Mobileum’s M2M-based roaming testing service is available for operators as of now.

About Mobileum 

Mobileum helps telecom service providers leverage the power of predictive analytics and real-time insights to drive game-changing business transformation. Over the last 15 years, Mobileum has delivered turnkey solutions such as Voice and Data Roaming, Fraud Analytics, Data Monetization, Analytics for Customer Experience and Service Performance Measurement & Assurance, to 617 operator networks across 170 countries. Mobileum’s Wisdom platform enables CSPs to gain deep understanding of network and subscriber behavior, and leverage that to improve service adoption, arrest churn, deliver superior customer experience, predict new types of fraud, and benefit from next generation data-driven revenue models. Mobileum is based in Californias Silicon Valley, with offices in Brussels, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Dubai, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. To learn more, visit and follow @MobileumInc on Twitter.

About Applause 

Launched in 2008 as uTest, Applause is leading the app quality revolution by enabling companies to deliver digital experiences that win – from web to mobile to wearables and beyond. By combining in-the-wild testing services, software tools and analytics, Applause helps companies achieve the 360-degree app quality they need to thrive in the modern apps economy. Thousands of companies – including Google, Fox, Amazon, Box, Concur and RunKeeper – choose Applause to launch apps that delight their users. Learn more at and follow @applause on Twitter.

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