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Predictive Analytical Insights to Help Mobile Operators Create New Revenue Streams in Travel 

Mobileum, the leader in analytics solutions for telecom business transformation, today announced the launch of its new offering, Mobileum Travel Insights and Prediction Solutions (TRIPS), which helps mobile operators create new streams of revenue from the growing global travel industry.


The international travel market generates over $ 1.6 Trillion in annual revenues, and is growing at a rapid pace in an era of increasing globalization, fueled both by business and leisure travel. While operators generate attractive revenues from traditional mobile voice and data roaming services, their share of the global travel pie continues to be relatively small in comparison to the big-ticket spends on flights, accommodation, ground transportation, meetings and entertainment.

Mobileum TRIPS aims to help operators derive greater mileage from the growing world of travel via revenue outcomes based on predictive insights from their vast trove of data. Operators will discover opportunities to generate revenues from travel marketing, planning and management activities by collaborating with a vast ecosystem of over 700 travel industry stakeholders and global brands, with Mobileum’s end-to-end TRIPS service offering.

TRIPS comprises a suite of solutions based on Mobileum’s Wisdom platform, along with an ecosystem of travel industry suppliers and global brands that interoperate to expand the range of possible services that operators can provide to their subscribers – across various phases of the travel life cycle.

"TRIPS will bring about a significant shift in the role of mobile operators in the global travel industry, and open up new revenue streams that are adjacent to their current roaming service business," said Avnish Chauhan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Mobileum. "Our mission is to help operators evolve beyond the bounds of roaming with real-world outcomes derived from actionable analytical insights, coupled with our industry partnerships in travel management as well as advertising. Deep insights from TRIPS about their customers will position operators as key enablers in the travel industry value chain, and bring about a dramatically new travel experience for mobile users – before, during and after each trip."

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Mobileum helps telecom service providers leverage the power of predictive analytics and real-time insights to drive game-changing business transformation. Over the last 15 years, Mobileum has delivered turnkey solutions such as Voice and Data Roaming, Fraud Analytics, Data Monetization, Analytics for Customer Experience and Service Performance Measurement & Assurance, to 617 operator networks across 170 countries. Mobileum¹s Wisdom platform enables CSPs to gain deep understanding of network and subscriber behavior, and leverage that to improve service adoption, arrest churn, deliver superior customer experience, predict new types of fraud, and benefit from next generation data-driven revenue models. Mobileum is based in Californias Silicon Valley, with offices in Brussels, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Dubai, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. To learn more, visit

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