Close to 6,800 attended the MediShield Life roadshow, participating in a dialogue session with Dr Amy Khor and interactive games which helped them to learn more about MediShield Life.


To help Singaporeans deepen their understanding of MediShield Life, the Ministry of Health (MOH) today held the first of two MediShield Life roadshows at Ang Mo Kio Central Stage.

At the roadshow, participants learnt more about the key benefits of MediShield Life, such as lifetime coverage for all, higher claim limits and the subsidies available to ensure affordability of MediShield Life premiums, through engaging programmes and interactive games.

Retiree Mr Poh Ah Ter, 76, said, "I live next door, so I came down to see the excitement. It is good to do these things because it's close to where we live. I also like the liveliness of the event and how it addressed questions that I could relate to."

Host Irene Ang, together with comedian Suhaimi Yusof, through a tongue-in-cheek cross-talk, highlighted and debunked some misconceptions of MediShield Life.


Irene Ang and Suhaimi Yusof illustrated key benefits of MediShield Life through an entertaining cross-talk

Through a dialogue with Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Health, participants also had the opportunity to ask questions about MediShield Life. Dr Khor assured the participants that the Government will provide premium subsidies to help Singaporeans pay for their MediShield Life Premiums and no one will lose coverage due to financial needs.

Ms Adeline Jiang, 54, said, "I have been looking out for MediShield Life roadshow timings that work for me. I want to ask lots of questions, but sometimes I do not know how to ask them, so listening to other people's questions during the Q&A segment helped."


Senior Minister of State for Health, Dr Amy Khor took questions from the audience


Suhaimi Yusof, Catherine Sng and Andrew Lua put on a skit to illustrate the uses and benefits of MediShield Life

"As a key pillar in our healthcare financing framework, MediShield Life provides greater peace of mind, for high medical bills. For instance, those who were previously uninsured, such as those who are very old or with pre-existing conditions, are now all covered under MediShield Life. In the past one year, MediShield Life had paid out more than $600 million, including $102.5 million to members who were previously uninsured under MediShield. We hope that by presenting MediShield Life in bite-size content, and through interactive games and light-hearted stage performances, we can help Singaporeans better understand MediShield Life and how they can benefit from it," said Dr Khor.

Engaging game stations were also available for participants to gauge their knowledge of MediShield Life.


Participants at game stations

The second MediShield Life roadshow will be held in February 2017. More details will be available nearer the date. We welcome all who wish to find out more about MediShield Life to join us at the next roadshow. Admission is free.

Source: Ministry of Health, Singapore