SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Micrel, Inc. (Nasdaq: MCRL), an industry leader in high performance linear and power solutions, LAN and timing and communications solutions, today announced the availability of the MIC2875/MIC2876, two 2MHz boost converters capable of delivering up to 2A output in only 122mm squared of board space with a minimum of just three tiny external components required.  These low-profile and highly efficient regulators (up to 95 percent) are ideally suited for operating from a single cell lithium battery and providing power to applications such as USB on-the-go (OTG) and HDMI hosts, tablets, and smartphones.  These devices offer bi-directional true load disconnect to prevent current flow between the input and output when the regulator is disabled.  The solutions also support bypass mode operation when the input voltage exceeds the set output voltage.  Under light loads, the device reduces the switching frequency to extend battery life. The MIC2875/MIC2876 are available in volume with 1,000 quantities pricing starting at $0.55/$0.52, respectively.  Samples can be ordered on line at:

An anti-ringing switch minimizes EMI issues during discontinuous mode.  The MIC2876 also features a minimum switching frequency of 45 kHz during light load operation to optimize the performance of the boost regulator to meet the low-noise requirements for audio applications.   

"Micrel’s new generation of high-density boost converters deliver low noise performance and size density that meet today’s portable electronic requirements.  The high efficiency improves battery life and the small solution size saves critical board space," noted Brian Hedayati, vice president of marketing for high performance linear and power solutions at Micrel.

The MIC2875/MIC2876 are available either with 4.75V, 5.0V, 5.25V and 5.5V fixed output voltages or adjustable output voltage.  These parts are fully protected against overcurrent and thermal conditions.  The devices are specified with a junction temperature range from -40-degC to +125-degC.

About Micrel, Inc.

Micrel, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of IC solutions for the worldwide analog, Ethernet and high-bandwidth markets.  The Company’s products include advanced mixed-signal, analog and power semiconductors; high-performance communication, clock management, MEMS-based clock oscillators and crystal-less clock generators, Ethernet switch and physical layer transceiver ICs.  Company customers include leading manufacturers of enterprise, consumer, industrial, mobile, telecommunications, automotive, and computer products.  Corporation headquarters and state-of-the-art wafer fabrication facilities are located in San Jose, CA, with regional sales and support offices and advanced technology design centers situated throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.  In addition, the Company maintains an extensive network of distributors and reps worldwide.  Web: