The Seven Seas Conqueress, its crew, and passengers, were detained by the Indonesian authorities within Singapore Territorial Waters off Pedra Branca on 20 August 2016. Nine Singaporean passengers were released on 1 September 2016. However, Singaporean captain Ricky Tan Poh Hui, and the vessel, remain in Indonesian custody.

Singapore has strongly protested the Indonesian Government's actions. We have emphasised that there is no basis for Indonesia's detention of the vessel, its crew and passengers, nor for the continued detention of and purported charges brought against Mr Tan in the Tanjung Pinang District Court. In addition, Singapore officials have communicated repeatedly with the relevant Indonesian authorities, at both the national and provincial level, to seek the immediate release of Mr Tan and the vessel, as well as the termination of any purported investigations against him.

Upon being informed on 21 August 2016 of his detention, MFA had immediately sought consular access to Mr Tan. After repeated requests, the Indonesian authorities granted Singapore consular officials access to Mr Tan on 24 January 2017.

MFA will persist in our efforts to secure the immediate release of Mr Tan and the vessel. We will continue to provide all necessary assistance to Mr Tan and his next-of-kin in the interim.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore