Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law K Shanmugam visited Jaipur on 25 February 2015.  Minister Shanmugam met Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje, after which the latter hosted Minister Shanmugam to lunch.

                    Chief Minister Raje briefed Minister Shanmugam on her vision for Rajasthan, including improving urban transportation and creating smart cities.  Minister Shanmugam and Chief Minister Raje agreed to expand cooperation in areas including skills development, urban planning and water management.  In this regard, Minister Shanmugam announced the launch of the Rajasthan Leaders in Urban Governance Programme.  Minister Shanmugam also witnessed the signing of the grant agreement on the Programme in Building Knowledge Capabilities on the Governance of Sustainable Water Project Management.  The programme, run by the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) and co-sponsored by Temasek Foundation (TF) and the State Government of Rajasthan, will train up to 100 officials from the Rajasthan Public Health Engineering Department on waste and water management.  Minister Shanmugam invited Chief Minister Raje to send her officials to Singapore to study our best practices in urban planning and housing fabrication technology, and tap on our network of local and foreign investors, which would help strengthen economic links between Singapore and Rajasthan.

                   Minister Shanmugam also introduced senior representatives from various Singapore companies with interests in India.  The companies briefed Chief Minister Raje on their current investments in India and their business plans in Rajasthan.  ITE Education Services and Gardens by the Bay gave updates on their concept plans for collaborations with Rajasthan.  Chief Minister Raje expressed strong support for increased business interaction and cooperation between Singapore and Rajasthan.  She invited Singapore businesses to participate in the Resurgent Rajasthan Investors Summit in November 2015.

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25 FEBRUARY 2015