NEW YORK, February 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Less than a month after its official beta launches on iOS and Android Markets, the radical IM application Metalk has achieved a total of more than 1 million downloads in the APAC region, mainly across the Chinese Android market.

Metalk is a radical mobile chat application providing complete security to correspondence logs. Its beta version was first released in Sep. 2014. The app is developed by tech firm Logicquest Labs, based in Beijing, China, which is a subsidiary of Logicquest Technology Inc., a listed company on OTCBB New York.

The application provides users complete secure means of communication within the app, and presents a whole range of functions to respond to various cases of information espionage and theft of hardware – a solution suited for businessmen and corporate professionals.

Earlier this month, the CEO of Securecom, the company behind this miracle, mentioned that the application did not set itself in the same arena as WeChat, WhatsApp and other major IM engines. Instead, the company targets only the HNWI markets in the region, as they believe it is these people who require a higher level of security and privacy in their correspondences.

Yet, this original niche application has performed exceptionally well in the first month of its beta. In fact, this unusual phenomenon could be more understood by looking at the reviews column of the application.

One reviewer wrote: "Whisper Mode is not a new function, but the simple on-off swipe for this mode really increases the user-friendliness of this function."

Several reviews also complained about the application crashing in countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, but on the whole, this seemingly simple yet deceptive application seemed to have successfully caught the curiosity of users.

Be it out of fun or curiosity or a serious need for security, Metalk has performed beyond even its own company’s expectations. We hope to see the application bring us more funky functions, while keeping our messages safe.

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