NEW YORK, February 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Recently there has been a lot of chatter about the new and rather controversial IM application Metalk. While competitors are having mixed feelings about the feasibility of the application’s value proposition, the users seem to be having a lot of fun using the application for all kinds of personal needs.

MeTalk is a radical mobile chat application providing complete security to correspondence logs. Its beta version was first released in Sept. 2014. The app is developed by tech firm Logicquest Labs, based in Beijing, China, which is a subsidiary of Logicquest Technology Inc, a listed company on OTCBB New York.

The company soon licensed the application’s global operating rights to a Hong Kong based media partner – Securecom Media Limited, leaving the operations of the application and task of profitability in the hands of the partner, while focusing efforts on strengthening the overall security of the solution with future integration of hardware elements.

The application provides users complete secure means of communication within the app, and presents a whole range of functions to respond to various cases of information espionage and theft of hardware — a solution suited for businessmen and corporate professionals.

In a private interview last month, the CEO of Securecom, the company which obtained the global operating license from the developers of Metalk, mentioned the angle of targeting a niche market. This statement is backed by the fact that the company indeed has and is marketing a premium solutions package to business people and corporate executives with a need for security of mobile communications.

With the increasingly diverse information communications environment we now live in, the existence of such an application may actually prove to have a market. Since the days of SNS platforms, we have come a long way, and the disadvantages of overtly publicizing one’s personal life have cost many people a hefty price.

Metalk comes in quietly to propose a back-to-basics solution to solve this problem — a simple instant messaging application that has basic security features for free users and a myriad of extra solutions for the user whose secrets could really be worth more than a penny.

It has been the trend that most IM engines these days have a large user base with little room for the building of a sustainable revenue model. Metalk as a business disregards the need for the large user base, and focuses its marketing and sales efforts on one niche group. The costs of operating the business is therefore greatly decreased, and should this group of users truly subscribe, then perhaps, Metalk will become the first IM app to earn the status of profitability simply through in-app subscriptions.

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