SAN FRANCISCO, February 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — VMware Partner Exchange 2015 (VMware PEX2015) will be held in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. The conference lasting for three days will focus on the theme of "Dare to Thrive;" VMware expects to promote the establishment and improvement of global partner ecosystem with the help of the conference, and jointly accelerate the evolution of enterprise IT to cloud from the traditional data center with its partners. Memblaze, an important partner of VMware in data acceleration field, will be present at VMware PEX2015 for showing its latest solutions on application acceleration of virtualization.

Tang Zhibo, co-founder of Memblaze, expressed, "The cooperative relationship between Memblaze and VMware is long-term and profound; as for the acceleration techniques in virtualization application, Memblaze has been engaging in the long-term research and development and practice accumulation in product technology and solutions, in addition, Memblaze has achieved several successful cases in many industries. In the future, Memblaze will, in aspects of the new generation of PBlazeIV PCIe flash memory cards and industry solutions, carry out further cooperation with VMware as an important partner."

In 2013, Memblaze successively joined in the TAP and IOVP, and then Memblaze started gradually establishing the long-term and profound cooperative relationship with VMware. In early 2014, PBlazeIII took the lead in passing the official certification test of VMware EXi5.1 and VMware EXi5.5, which supported the products such as vSphere, vFRC, VDI and VMware Virtual SAN. As of January 2015, Memblaze had finished the drive authentication of Block and SCSI, which laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation between both parties in the field of virtualization.

On the basis of the research and development of abundant virtualization application acceleration techniques, Memblaze has also accumulated abundant experience of practices and solutions in the field of VMware. In a case of the education sector, the client successfully optimized the overall I/O performance of VMware Virtual SAN through deploying VDI on VSAN for establishing the teaching resource pool, and deploying one Memblaze PBlaze3 flash memory card for each VSAN node as the read and write cache. Such a solution helped the school reduce 58 percent of TCO, promote the performance for two times, and realize the flexible expansion. It was a domestic case for using Server SAN to replace the centralized storage application and ensuring the performance by PCIe flash memory cards. At present, Memblaze has created the customized solutions concerning the features of demand of clients in finance industry, education industry, government and more. In the future, Memblaze will devote greater efforts in the research and development in industries of energy, medical treatment, electricity and more, and accelerate the implementation of the solutions on flash memory acceleration in the field of virtualization.

In the process of rapid development of flash memory technology, NVMe has become an important interface standard in the field of PCIe flash memory card; the new PBlazeIV PCIe flash memory card of Memblaze will fully support NVMe, and the ESXi of VMware has also integrated the interface drive of NVMe, which means that NVMe will become an important joint point for the cooperation between Memblaze and VMware in the future, and the solutions of both parties will be more available and effective under the support of NVMe standard.

VMware expects to create the global partner ecosystem on the basis of the virtualization technology for helping clients accelerate their business development. VMware China has paid more attention to strengthen the cooperation with local enterprises. Since the making of the cooperation intention, Memblaze has engaged in detailed research and development, and made a detailed market planning. At VMware PEX2014 and VMworld2014, as well as other activities such as the national tour of VMware in China, Memblaze offered the full support and exhibited lots of solutions and cases on flash memory acceleration as a key partner of VMware. The flash memory, as well as virtualization, is the important driving force for the evolution of the data center; therefore, the further cooperation between Memblaze and VMware will certainly accelerate the pace of enterprise IT for entering in the cloud and mobile era.

About Memblaze

Memblaze provides transcendent enterprise high-performance solid storage products and solutions in the field of virtualization, Internet, big data, cloud computing etc. Its innovative architecture of hardware and software greatly improves the performance of the flash storage and increases datacenter efficiency. Memblaze have been serving the top 50 China hyperscale companies such as Baidu, Youku and Tencent.


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