BRISBANE, Australia, Oct. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — International data connectivity innovator, Megaport today announced it is spinning-off its fibre assets to launch a new, dedicated infrastructure company, "Superloop".

Superloop’s mission is to drive innovation to the fibre infrastructure layer in key Asia Pacific regions.

Superloop expects its initial network in Australia to go live in January 2015, with its own diverse, dark fibre connectivity between the major Data Centres of Global Switch, Equinix SY1, SY2, SY3 the upcoming Equinix ME1, NEXTDC B1, S1, M1 and many more.

In announcing the de-merger, Mr Slattery said that spinning-off Megaport’s fibre assets into a separate company freed-up Megaport to focus on global expansion of its industry-leading interconnectivity services.

"I thought it was important to be crystal clear about Megaport’s mission and provide focus and clarity for the Megaport platform. The underlying fibre network was developed as an enabler for Megaport in its initial markets. The accelerated growth of the network has created a stand-alone business, warranting an independent strategy and resourcing that can be provided within Superloop."

"We are building the only independent, pan-Asian fibre infrastructure provider which is something rather special and unique, so much so that based upon early customer demand I expect Superloop to be break even in its first full year of operation."

Superloop also announced that it expects to bring forward the commissioning of its Singapore network after securing access to over 150km of strategic duct throughout Singapore.

IT Infrastructure visionary and Megaport founder, Bevan Slattery, said he was extremely excited about Superloop’s launch and the accelerated commissioning of its network.

"I could not be more delighted with this outcome, as our strategic duct access arrangement greatly reduces the time and cost to rollout the network in Singapore.  This means we can offer certainty and provide services to our cornerstone clients sooner," he said.

Superloop’s Singapore network is well underway with over 70% of the network expected to go live in March 2015 and roll-out completion around July.   The network will provide diverse connectivity to key cable landing stations in Tuas, Changi and Katong, as well as key data centres including Equinix and Global Switch.

About Superloop

Established in 2014, Superloop is an infrastructure provider of dark fibre connectivity services to large network providers and enterprises operating in the Australian and Singapore markets. Bringing innovation to infrastructure, Superloop is building a new independent dark fibre network connecting key Internet points of presence in key Asian markets.

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About Megaport

Founded in Australia in July 2013 by industry visionary Bevan Slattery, Megaport is a leading data centre interconnection provider, offering a range of products including its virtual cross-connect (VXC) and internet exchange (IX), where ISP’s share internet traffic. Megaport is able to provide connectivity between data centres with provisioning timelines of sub-two minutes.  With over 100 connected cloud providers, enterprises and network service providers, Megaport improves connectivity by providing scalable and flexible connectivity options in an on-demand environment.

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