Quality coaching does not focus only on skills and competencies in a particular sport. Importantly, for schools, sports are a particularly suitable avenue to develop the character of students. Hence from 2012, MOE had required all sports instructors and coaches to attend a mandatory workshop to familiarise them to the Ministry’s philosophy of anchoring sports education on values inculcation and character development. This workshop covers areas such as character development in school sports, athlete-centered principles, sports safety and how coaches and instructors can partner schools to hone students’ life skills and develop good character.

This one workshop however cannot uplift the quality of coaching in schools. Quality coaching also comprises, amongst others, knowledge of sports science, motivation skills, injury prevention and rehabilitation. These are not covered in this workshop. Coaches themselves would need to continually upgrade their skills through the various coach development programmes that are available both local and overseas.

Since 2012, more than 1,100 coaches and instructors have completed the mandatory workshop. Those who have yet to attend the workshop will be allowed to register with the Ministry of Education provisionally. However, they will be required to attend the workshop by end December 2015, to continue to remain on the registry.