JOHOR BAHRU, Johor state, Malaysia The Johor state Immigration Department has debunked the viral video related to congestion due to the autogate screening system being down yesterday in the bus passengers inspection area at the Sultan Iskandar Building (BSI).

According to a statement yesterday, the department explained that the video was an old one which was being circulated again on social media by irresponsible parties to cause anxiety among the public and to tarnish the department's image indirectly.

The department also pointed out that the inspection system at the entrance and exit of the Sultan Iskandar Building today was functioning well with no interruption to the system as was being circulated.

However, the congestion at the bus passenger check-in area to Malaysia was normal at peak hours (6pm to 10pm), the statement said.

The department also informed that to facilitate smooth inbound and outbound movement at the Sultan Iskandar Building and Sultan Abu Bakar Complex, particularly in conjunction with the 14th General Election, all immigration counters would be fully opened from May 8 to 10.

Redeployment of staff from other branches was also carried out to launch inspection and control at the entrance for that period, the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore said it was also aware of social media posts alleging that travellers heading towards Malaysia were stranded at its checkpoint.

This is not true. ICA would like to clarify that there is no problem with our clearance system, it said in its Facebook posting uploaded at 10.20pm yesterday. -- NNN-BERNAMA

Source: NAM News Network