SHANGHAI, March 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The leading mobile ad platform company Madhouse upgraded its App marketing platform PerforMad to provide more sophisticated technology for unified campaign workflow management, campaign tracking and attribution functionalities with in-built advanced fraud detection engine and ROI-driven full lifecycle app marketing solution.

PerforMad is an integrated App marketing platform developed by Madhouse for App developers. It automates the process of campaign creation for multiple marketing channels giving large scale and thereby reducing lot of valuable time for manual operations. It monitors complete mobile campaign lifecycle and optimizes campaign performance to maximize advertisers’ ROI (Return of Investment).

The essential key to campaign optimization is tracking the entire funnel of an ad campaign. Madhouse upgraded the tracking function of PerforMad from simply tracing the App downloads to further monitoring post-install events like registrations, in-app purchases and other significant custom events to effectively measure the lifetime value (LTV) of the users acquired by different campaigns across various marketing channels and improve the ROI for the advertisers.

Advertisers only have to input a series of codes, very light in size, inside their Apps to enable data collection and optimization of the campaign in real-time. The tracking solution provided by PerforMad is not exclusive and it can be used with any other tracking services. Unlike third-party tracking solutions which offer neutral data to advertisers, PerforMad protects advertisers pro-actively by analyzing any fraudulent user behaviors and by providing transparent marketing insights to improve the campaign performance.

Besides above, the platform also provides complete lifecycle monitoring of mobile ad campaigns by measuring impression, click, download, installation, registration and post-installation App usage like in-app purchase, retention, churn rates, etc. Advertisers can get real time insight of their on-going ad campaigns and can easily adjust various input variables like price, bid, budget, schedule, creatives and other key targeting settings to achieve the highest ROI on their ad-spends.

PerforMad can help App developers to keep loyal users engaged and attract new spenders by effectively using and optimizing the user’s lifetime value derived through funnel tracking. The real in-app revenue improves LTV and ROI eventually.

PerforMad also allows advertisers to track custom app events to understand user behavior in different phases in lifecycle of the app and enable App developers to optimize the application design and make it more user-friendly and improve the LTV of the users in long run.

PerforMad is currently in partnership with more than 60 marketing partners providing App marketing solutions all across the world.

About Madhouse

Founded in Shanghai in January 2006, Madhouse successfully entered the Indian market in 2012. It is the only mobile ad platform company from China which has expanded its business in the Asia Pacific Region. Madhouse has steadily grown both in China and India. The company helps international and domestic brands in these two major emerging markets for efficient brand communication and market expansion through mobile platform by using cutting edge technologies. It is also dedicated to help Chinese app developers and publishers to tap global market by providing mobile ad distribution and optimization services. These services aim to boost app downloads and acquire consumers with high lifetime value for the clients. Madhouse has more than 250 employees worldwide with headquarters at Shanghai. It also has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.

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