FRANKFURT, Though the entire Asia-Pacific region is inherently replete with growth potential, the chairman of Lufthansa-Cargo also sees considerable growth potential in the Asean region.

On an average, I see huge growth potential in Asia and I am, particularly, upbeat about the growth dynamics in the Asean region which is characterised by free trade, Peter Gerber, Lufthansa-Cargo's CEO and chairman of the executive board of the cargo carrier, said in an interview with Bernama at the Lufthansa Aviation Center in Frankfurt.

While being generally upbeat about the region, including Malaysia, Gerber said that Vietnam was outperforming Thailand and Indonesia. Malaysia can also hugely contribute to growth, he added.

Even though the US has withdrawn from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), of which Malaysia is a member, Gerber said that the TPP was on the right track, as Japan has taken the lead in getting the agreement formally signed recently

Source: NAM News Network