SINGAPORE, March 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

BizEquity, the leading international online provider of business valuation knowledge and big data, is launching in Singapore with its patented cloud based business valuation platform tailored for the Singapore market. The company has valued over 29 million businesses globally and this move marks the first stage of its expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.  

BizEquity has already signed up a number of fast growing financial advisors in Singapore which are experiencing great success through using the platform. The company also has a strong network of market-leading clients and partners, including Metro Bank, MasterCard and Experian.

The platform provides insight for business owners, and the financial institutions and wealth managers that advise them, into the fundamental question of ‘how much is my business worth?’ BizEquity harnesses business valuation knowledge and big data insights to answer this question at a fraction – less than 1/10th – of the typical $5,000 cost and typical time – 2-4 weeks – it takes traditional business valuation firms to undertake the same process.

Spanning 379 Singaporean specific industry classifications, the platform has been specifically tailored for the Singapore market to incorporate localised industry knowledge and adhere to local financial reporting standards. Financial institutions can white-label BizEquity’s platform and use the valuation report as a prospect and lead generation tool, as well as to open up conversations with clients on products and services.

US-based BizEquity’s Asia-Pacific headquarters is situated in the premiere start-up hub, ‘Block71’ and the team is led by the company’s APAC Market Director, Naman Shah, who is an experienced businesses analyst. Also providing advice is Allen J Pathmarajah, a founding member of BizEquity’s APAC Board of Advisors.

Given Singapore is one of the region’s top financial centres and has firmly established itself as the FinTech Capital of Asia, this provides an excellent environment for disruptive innovators such as BizEquity.

Michael M. Carter, CEO of BizEquity, commented: "Our mission is to value every business in the world and we believe Singapore offers the optimum gateway into the Asia-Pacific market. The Singapore platform is the first step for us in democratising business valuation knowledge across Asia."

Naman Shah, BizEquitys APAC Market Director, commented: "The launch of our dedicated platform in Singapore will help us provide a unique product for the region’s financial institutions as well as serve thousands of SMEs."

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