SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Studio H (CEO: Jeongnam Kim), a Korea-based mobile game developer, announced that Battle Chaser, its new strategy and defense mobile RPG title, will be released in Taiwan toward the end of October through Google Play.

Korea's mobile game developer, Studio H, launches "Battle Chaser", a mobile action & defense title, in Taiwan

Korea’s mobile game developer, Studio H, launches "Battle Chaser", a mobile action & defense title, in Taiwan

The story driving Battle Chaser is that players are tasked with guarding the ‘Spiritsknell’, which is a legendary jewel that holds the power of the devil king to fight against monsters. Players get to choose one of three characters who possess unique skills and weapons to fight off monsters that become ever stronger with increasingly various and more powerful combos with each advanced stage. As the game progresses players upgrade their abilities with nearly 255 different badges and items so that they can grow through their journey.

Each time a player’s character levels up it obtains ‘skill points’ that can be used to choose one of four skills as an upgrade. Moreover, players get to strategically place six towers of differing abilities to fend off the various monsters that attack with varying capabilities. This game thus enables players to grow characters and experience different challenges according to each stage based on strategic fun that they have never before experienced in other defense games.

Battle Chaser is characterized by its various modes of play such as it ‘Stage Mode’ in which players get to defeat boss monsters in up to 90 stages of play, an ‘Unlimited Mode’ where players obtain EXPs and gold more easily, a ‘PvP Mode’, a ‘Team Play Mode’ and other exciting modes. This is what drew so much attention to this title from its early development stage as the first-ever ‘DotA style’ action and defense game in the Korean mobile game market.

"Our latest title, Battle Chaser, is a well-made game that offers eye-popping action with diverse strategic elements," said Yeongcheol Yun, head of the development team at Studio H. "We expect it to appeal to gamers who favor the RPG genre as well as casual players. We are thus very glad about the upcoming launch in the Taiwanese market. We will continue to work hard to provide our service smoothly."

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