Members of the Kisumu County Assembly have vowed to impeach embattled Speaker Ann Adul again over a S7.4 million corruption case.

The Speaker who was reinstated by the Court of Appeal a week ago, is facing charges together with her husband Elijah Adul, two MCAs and clerk Nelco Sagwe.

Two directors of Factor Connect, a company that organised three international trips for the House in 2014, have also been charged.

The seven denied disregarding procurement laws while organising MCAs' trips to Israel, Singapore, and China.

On Wednesday, Kondele Ward Representative Gabriel Ochieng', who was part of the group that supported Ms Adul's impeachment in October 2014, said the House was ready to table the Motion.

"The Court of Appeal did not say we were wrong to impeach her. It only said we did not follow due process.

"If that is so, we are allowed to do it again, but through the right means," he told the Nation.


The clerk has directed that Ms Adul receives only half of her salary after the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission wrote a letter over the charges she is facing.

Mr Ochieng' had been named as acting Speaker during the acrimonious session that led to Ms Adul's impeachment.

This was, however, nullified by the Court of Appeal in favour of Deputy Speaker Pamela Omino.

But a defiant Ms Adul - who acknowledged receipt of the letter for a half salary- put on a brave face, saying the law is on her side.


"I urge the MCAs to think about this keenly because the same law they are saying they would use against me will soon catch up with them.

"I am ready to work with them for the benefit of the people," she said.

On Tuesday, Manyatta B MCA Nereah Okombo, who had tabled the October 2014 impeachment Motion, tabled the letter from the anti-corruption agency.

The Motion was, however, quickly shelved after the members said they would not debate it in the presence of the media.

"We could not talk about the Speaker on Tuesday because she was still out of office," said Ms Okombo.

Source: Nation