SHENZHEN, China, February 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — KIMREE Technology, a global leading e-cigarette manufacturer in China, is pleased to announce that the company has successfully updated the e-cig technology to the fifth generation, and has matched traditional cigarette taste at the most extent for the first time.

Since it was created by a Chinese pharmacist, e-cig has had great popularity in USA and European countries. Unlike normal cigarette, e-cigarette has many different flavors, including tobacco, fruit and coffee flavors. But according to some data research, all e-cigs taste a little sweet and have an obvious difference with the real cigarettes, which is hard to get used to for adult smokers.

Is there a flavor that tastes the same as traditional cigarette in the e-cigarette market? Unfortunately, there has not been such kind of e-cigarette that can pose the similar taste with real cigarette, not to mention that it has the same taste.

Fortunately, such situation will be improved soon and e-cigarette fans can enjoy the real cigarette taste when they are vaping.

With independent market observation, continuous self-examination, improvement and innovation, KIMREE has updated e-cig technology to the fifth generation to made it possible for the first time that e-cig can have a matching taste with real cigarette. Recently, the company has launched K2 and K5 flavor cartridge that even long time smokers agree that both two cartridges are extremely close to that of the traditional cigarette.

The new technology has solved the problem of how to match traditional cigarette taste in the e-cigarette industry. For the whole industry, the technology is a breakthrough innovation, as well as a profound revolution. Like always, KIMREE has never stopped to offer customers more comfortable vaping experience.


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