SHENZHEN, China, March 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — KIMREE, a reputable company in electronic cigarette, is pleased to announce that the company will be adding another refillable e-cigarette — JS304 to expand the partnership with all traders. Since the JS304 has become available, it has attracted quite a lot of attention and the sales volume increases daily. JS304 has been sold up to a million units on the foreign market, according to KIMREE.

Based on the principle of fashion, JS304 is designed and developed with stylish and elegant look to become a benchmark product in the high end e-cigarette market.

The beautiful JS304 impresses customers with a tiny and gorgeous luxury gold box that also functions as a power bank. Customers can charge their JS304 e-cigarettes anywhere anytime, to enjoy a personalized vaping experience. What’s more, the box is equipped with a transparent cap through which the battery level can easily be checked. The USB charging port is the same as most smartphones, so that users only need to take one USB cable when traveling.

Liu Qiuming, the president of KIMREE, said, "since launching the partnership project several days ago, we have been repeatedly approached by many distributors who have already begun selling KIMREE products. By opening up a brand new sales option and providing innovative products with multiple business models on the electronic cigarette market we will continue to grow. With innovation and passion, the KIMREE team has always worked tirelessly to produce a premium quality, high performance and all around better electronic cigarette. We will continue to invest more in research and development of future e-cigarettes. This will alow us to bring more advanced e-cigarette products to every city in the world, improving the life style of e-cigarette users with a more relaxing and joyful experience."

According to some insiders, the new partnership program launching this week proves that KIMREE is very confident in their products and global e-cigarette market. Meanwhile, from the side of distributors, KIMREE provides a good opportunity for all distributors who looking to enter e-cigarette industry, and they can benefit from KIMREE’s reputable brand immage and multiple levels of support, which can also help expand the e-cigarette market.

Meanwhile, the president also added that the company has choosen a new business model — Zero Cost Boss that every partner can build his or her business and become a boss without any risk or cost. KIMREE will provide strong support to domestic traders as follows:

  1. An optional inventory model. Traders can build a more flexible and efficient inventory system based on their demands by themselves; they can also choose to transfer the inventory process to KIMREE to avoid overstocking and maintain lower operaing costs.
  2. Company can assist shipping. Any order can be directly shipped from KIMREE to your clients, lowering the logistics time and cost.
  3. Simple and convenient distribution. The company has managed all the processes so any trader can create his or her own business just with a cell phone.
  4. Zero risk. Traders can transfer any part of risk to the company, to assure their own profits.

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