SHENZHEN, China, November 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — A revolutionary new disposable lithium ion battery with longer service life for disposable e-cigarettes has been developed by KIMREE, a leading electronic cigarette manufacturer and supplier in China. With 120% higher capacity over traditional batteries in efficiency, the new disposable li-ion battery is able to retain a 90% of the whole capacity after one year, instead of the 75% associated with traditional batteries, resolving the issue of battery drain. What’s more, the company has built mass production capacity for the new battery.

KIMREE is committed to studying critical materials and new technology, and finally developed the innovative lithium ion disposable battery to enhance storage capacity. Compared with traditional batteries, the new battery can still hold 90% of its capacity after one year, greatly reducing the self-discharge rate and lowering the speed of battery drain, which is a breakthrough in the field of disposable e-cigarettes, according to the director of R&D department, Albert.

Battery drain and storage capacity have always been two obstacles in the way of disposable e-cigarette development. The battery is the power source of e-cigarettes. Generally, a traditional battery has only 75% of its capacity left after one year, with a power loss up to 25%. As an industry leader dominating the e-cigarette manufacturing market, KIMREE said that the company is taking its responsibility and obligation to create more durable, more stable and environmental lithium batteries seriously, and the new lithium ion disposable battery will effectively solve these two problems.

Some industry observers have claimed that e-cigarette sales are in its rapid-fire growth around the world, especially in the US market. How well the e-cigarette can perform and what consumers can feel partly depends on how excellent the battery can work. Therefore, the lithium battery becomes a new focus of competition in the e-cigarette industry. The innovation in lithium batteries will promote industrial upgrading and lead to a reshuffling of the industry. KIMREE is seizing the initiative and hoping to capture more users who are switching to e-cigarettes with the launch of its new revolutionary lithium battery.


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