SHENZHEN, China, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — KIMREE announced a partner program for its refillable e-cigarettes in the first time yesterday. It has attracted much attention in the e-cigarette industry and many distributors have expressed their interest in cooperating with KIMREE.

As a leader in the electronic cigarette industry, KIMREE owns three standardized e-cigarette factories, which have passed ten top international quality system certifications, including cGMP, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485. Meanwhile, the company‘s products have also been approved by CE, FCC, RoHS, UL, PSE and more certifications. In addition, KIMREE has become the only e-cigarette company which has filed to list its shares in the United States and the company ranked tenth in the list of international patent applications in China in 2014.

The company has launched the latest series of product lines, in which all products breaking with tradition, featuring a people-oriented theme to offer customers an easy-to-use and friendly vaping experience with an attractive design. JS043 e-cigarette is one of them.

Main Features of JS043:

  1. A bottom charging system: Customers can enjoy vaping while charging via connecting the 5 pin micro USB charger port in the bottom of the battery.
  2. Dual atomizer technology: Dual atomizer design combines with ultra-efficient and stable atomizing technology to produce a large amount of vapor of better taste, with a goal of meeting the needs of high-end customers.
  3. Add E-liquid from the upper part of the atomizer: To add e-liquid, just unscrew the inhaler with atomizer.
  4. Replace coil from the upper part of the atomizer. It helps reduce the rate of rotating atomizer and battery to avoid e-liquid leakage.

Based on ergonomic principles, JS043 exclusively adopts the technology of leak proof cap pairing with crown plus pear shape, to offer a more comfortable vaping experience. The leak proof cap not only meets the pursuit of fashion, but also solves the problem of e-liquid leaking when customers are vaping. With a focus on the concept of environmental protection, JS043 can be used for a second time by only replacing the atomizer coil.

A KIMREE official said the company decides to choose a new business model – Zero Cost Boss, in which every partner can build his or her business and become a boss without any risk or cost. KIMREE will provide strong support to domestic traders as follows:

  1. An optional inventory model. Traders can build a more flexible and efficient inventory system based on their own demand; they can also choose to transfer the inventory process to KIMREE, avoiding the risk of stockpile and the pressure of cash turnover.
  2. The company can assist in shipping. Any order can be directly shipped from KIMREE to traders’ clients, lowering the logistic time and costs greatly.
  3. A simple and convenient distribution method. The company has managed all process, so that traders can create their own business with just a cell phone.
  4. Zero risk. Traders can transfer any process with potential risk to the company, so as to secure their own profits without taking any risk.


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