BEIJING, October 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, one of the largest Internet and mobile video service providers in China, and Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) today announced that they are extending their strategic collaboration to further enhance the sound quality of online video through technology innovation and deliver true high-definition entertainment experiences at home and on the go.

iQIYI and Dolby Extend Strategic Collaboration

As an important part of extending iQIYI’s collaboration with Dolby, iQIYI has started to produce its in-house drama, From the Stars Heirs, in Dolby® surround sound and will produce and deliver more of its premium in-house content in Dolby surround sound and 4K in the future. This makes iQIYI the first online content provider in China to produce and deliver TV dramas in Dolby surround sound. As a result, consumers can expect a broader range of HD content available with compelling Dolby audio on iQIYI applications.

“The continuous evolution of user demands will inevitably result in the development of technologies. Moreover, technology innovations even need to be prior to the change of user demands,” said Xing Tang, Chief Technology Officer, iQIYI. “Previously, iQIYI has already been leading the authentic HD and ultra-HD video experience in China. The collaboration between iQIYI and Dolby will further enrich the premium video experience of iQIYI’s users through enhanced audio quality. Video viewers in China can be pickier. We hope that, with the power of technology, we can continue to enhance user experiences.”

“iQIYI and Dolby’s shared passion for leveraging advanced technologies to offer the best-in-class entertainment experiences makes us perfect collaborators,” said Mahesh Sundaram, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby surround sound has proven to be a key element for premium entertainment experiences. We are confident that this collaboration will take the streaming entertainment experience to a brand-new level for consumers in China at home and on the go.”

iQIYI and Dolby have been joining hands to enhance online entertainment experiences. Now, premium video content with Dolby surround sound has been made available across all of its streaming video platforms, including TV and mobile services. iQIYI is featuring a total of more than 1,000 movies and TV shows with Dolby audio. The number keeps growing, and so do the content genres. Especially on the mobile front, where there is explosive growth of demand for video, iQIYI has started to deliver premium content with Dolby surround sound on its Android™ and Windows® Phone based apps.

Using Android mobile devices with Dolby technology or Windows Phone based devices like the recently launched Lumia® 930, consumers can experience rich content with Dolby surround sound on the go with headphones.

The iQIYI and Dolby Joint Testing Center has officially become operational. Dolby licensees, including TV manufacturers and chipset providers in China, now have free access to a cloud-based solution that makes it easier than ever for them to test Dolby enabled technologies and 4K video content on their products. With expertise from iQIYI and Dolby, iQIYI expects the joint testing center to set the benchmark in the industry for high-quality streaming HD entertainment.

Today, in addition to traditional broadcast services, delivering an HD experience with surround sound has become a growing trend among China’s streaming video services. “The collaboration between iQIYI and Dolby certainly will stimulate reflection and exploration on video and audio experience in China’s video market. These achievements will continuously facilitate the development and innovation of the video technologies in China,” said Professor Sun Lifeng, Tsinghua University, and Associate Director and General Secretary, Professional Committee of Multimedia Technologies, China Computer Federation.

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