COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Feb. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — At the Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference in Berlin last week, Inpay was announced as the Winner of the "Guiding Hand Processing Award".


These Awards want to bring a tribute to those acquirers who were instrumental in pushing the payment system beyond the next level and to those innovations which were relevant to the success of acceptance business today and in the near future.

The processing award goes to the processor, payment services provider, or network services provider, who offered the most innovative services to acquirers (and therefore, ultimately, to merchants) or to merchants directly.

Inpay won this Award for its innovating real-time online bank payment solutions for internet retailers worldwide.

"Inpay was already setting new trends in processing over the last years, by fully focusing on the convergence of the payment business," says Leon Dhaene, Chairman of the Guiding Hand Awards. "The Jury appreciated the fact that Inpay continues to innovate, in this particular case, by adding access to the banking infrastructure as a white label engine room, enabling their customers to delegate the entire settlement process," Leon adds.

"Here at Inpay we are truly delighted to have been conferred such prestigious award for the second consecutive year in the Processing category. We are honored that our constant efforts to enhance the solutions and offering to our portfolio of global merchants have been once again recognized by the jury. Our contribution in terms of innovation and progress to the industry will continue to grow for years to come as those are the values ingrained in our guiding principles at Inpay," says Fabrizio Zanollo, Senior Vice President, E-Commerce and Global Group Head of Sales.

About Inpay 

Inpay enables faster online bank transfers across borders. Inpay holds bank accounts in over 45 countries and has payment partners in many more, creating a global network that is controlled by award-winning financial technology, regulated by the Danish and Swiss Financial Services Authorities and globally compliant.  

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