Free calls in 2G prove a big hit with Indian consumers

SINGAPORE, Sept. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — nanu, the world’s first truly mobile and completely free call app has seen exponential growth since its launch in August, particularly in India.

The promise of free phone calls everywhere and even in 2G, has won the hearts of many users in India, so much so that India has become nanu’s largest user base with over 50% share.

Indian users have embraced nanu and its mission to provide free calls to everyone, everywhere. "Yes, this [nanu] would be the best app with better call quality till date," blogged by Vijay, CEO and Founder of Gadget Gossip. "I have tested this app and I am quite happy with this. I am able to make a free call over 2G and the sound clarity is pretty decent. […] I would surely recommend this app to all my friends who want […] free local and international calls through Internet." [1]

nanu’s success has also attracted the attention of advertisers. Martin Nygate, CEO of nanu, confirmed: "We are extremely pleased with the rapid adoption we are seeing in India. As a result, we have decided to focus on India and have chosen India to be the first country to launch our advert sponsored free call business model."  In this model, non-intrusive targeted ads are played over the ringtone to generate advertising revenue that subsidizes the cost of the call.

While the number of countries with nanu users has already topped 200, its rapid growth in India can be attributed to nanu’s unique low bandwidth technology enabling users to not only make better calls in 3G and higher networks, but also to make clear calls in low bandwidth environments such as 2G, which are common in developing countries such as India.

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nanu is a revolutionary mobile call app that utilizes proprietary ultra low bandwidth VoIP technology and an advert sponsored free call business model to provide high quality free calls to everyone, everywhere, even on 2G.