NEW YORK, October 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

U.S. Eastern Time: 15:45-16:45, Oct. 1, 2014
Place: IAB Advertising Laboratory, New York

In New York’s IAB Laboratory, a handsome young man is giving a powerful speech entitled “Mobile & Video Advertising Practice in China,” delivering his words with confidence in fluent English. Wu Minghui, the founder and chief technology officer of Miaozhen Systems, born in the 1980s, spoke in a global context on behalf of the overall big-data field in China, for which he was appreciated by the many industry leaders in attendance.

Wu Minghui, the founder and chief technology officer of Miaozhen Systems, giving a speech entitled "Mobile & Video Advertising Practice in China"

International digital and Internet magnates came to IAB America for the global summit, held on October 1st and 2nd, 2014. As the world’s leading global assembly in the digital age, leaders of brand companies, creative agencies, media agencies, publishers, technology companies and IAB institutions from around the globe gathered to explore the future of the industry, shared their cutting-edge industrial technical experiences and research achievements, and paved the way for the future joint development of digitization.

Discussions on many issues were conducted during the two-day summit, particularly with respect to the digital future. Wu Minghui, in his speech entitled “Mobile & Video Advertising Practice in China,” spoke of the way the Chinese video market and Miaozhen Systems can help advertisers achieve precise placement, as well as shared successful cases of video advertising and effect analysis with which Miaozhen Systems helps advertisers compete in the digital age.

Later, Doron Wesly, the director of marketing strategy at Tremor Video; Jon Mew, the director of mobile operations at IAB (UK); and Anna Bager, vice-president and general manager of the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence shared their knowledge on the issue. It was the first appearance of Miaozhen Systems at the American branch of IAB. Moreover, CTO Wu Minghui is also the first big-data marketing expert in China who was invited to give a speech at the IAB global summit. Thus, it is wholly appropriate that he spoke on behalf of the Chinese big-data marketing field in the global digital network industry.

About the IAB

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About Miaozhen

Miaozhen Systems is the leading third-party big data marketing technology company in China. Founded in 2006, with more than 300 employees, Miaozhen Systems is a novel high-tech enterprise with double-soft certification. Miaozhen Systems has its headquarters in Beijing, with branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Singapore.

Miaozhen Systems processes over 3TB data per day, with data processing capability of 100 billion ad requests every day. The cumulative data storage is over 3PB. The exclusive Moment Tracking Technology helps advertisers, agencies and publishers in efficiently measuring online campaign impact (including reach, frequency and demography of target audience), and enhance their online advertising returns. Various leading multinational brands including P&G, Microsoft, Volkswagen, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, YUM!, are using tools and solutions provided by Miaozhen Systems.

As the leading third-party advertising technology company, Miaozhen Systems provides impartial and scientific data and solutions, promoting advertising industry to innovate and develop.

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