SYDNEY, Nov. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — HOTDESK has partnered with COMPASS Offices to offer casual flexible work and meeting spaces to mobile workers that can be booked by the day, week and month.

According to research by IDC, there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers in the world by 2015, with over 838m from Asia Pacific where the Hong Kong-based Compass has opened the majority of its 29 locations since 2010.

The way people work is changing. Whether it be business travellers, freelancers, start-ups or employees of large corporate organisations and Government departments, everybody is beginning to take advantage of changes in technology, business culture, social wants and economic necessity in a move towards more flexible, mobile working.

Businesses are realising that it’s not where you work that matters but what you deliver. Many are hailing flexible workplaces for the benefits they offer, with more than 60% of people working in such spaces, crediting them with a spike in creativity, quality of work and focus, according to Deskmag.

In addition to that, professionals from all walks of life are tapping into the networking and collaborative benefits of flexible workspaces.

"Finding a desk, a chair and an internet connection while on the road can be difficult, short of setting up in a cafe, which may be good for an hour or two, but is hardly professional or conducive to working from for an entire day or week. Don’t even think about running a large meeting from a cafe. HOTDESK offers people the opportunity to not only access flexible workspaces on the go across Asia but also network, collaborate, be part of a community and build valuable relationships that can help to accelerate the achievement of professional goals," says HOTDESK founder Steve Glaveski.

"We’re excited and proud to be adding Compass’s superior workspaces and meeting rooms to our marketplace and to be associated with a brand that highly values price transparency, flexible terms and great customer service. Through this partnership, HOTDESK has become the only place where travelling business people, freelancers and other mobile workers can book space at Compass by the day or week. Whether in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai or even Almaty in Kazakhstan, Compass and HOTDESK have you covered."


Steve Glaveski
Founder and Managing Director