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Posted: 14 Aug 2014, 2300 hours (GMT +8)

Honouring the Spirit of Volunteerism

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen hosted a dinner this evening to recognise the contributions and commitment of about 300 volunteers serving on 41 Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) boards and committees. Dr Ng also presented certificates of appointment and re-appointment to 92 volunteers at the dinner.

Speaking at the event, Dr Ng thanked the volunteers for the significant role they play in providing expertise and helping MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces remain responsive to diverse needs. He highlighted the volunteers’ invaluable contributions in several areas, such as adjudicating issues like compensation for injuries and civil requisition, building up best medical and safety practices, as well as making recommendations to strengthen National Service (NS), which helped to enhance public support for NS. “Volunteers like you act as catalysts for the system. I am thankful that many of you extended your service voluntarily,” he said. Dr Ng also noted the expansion of volunteer schemes – he latest additions being the Expertise Conversion Scheme and the SAF Volunteer Corps – which would enable more people to step forward and play their part in defence.

The volunteers serving in MINDEF boards and committees are experts in their fields in the private and public sectors. The array of expertise they bring on board – in areas such as medical, safety, financial, legal and NS management – allows MINDEF to stay updated on industry best practices and organisational processes. Through their extensive networks, the volunteers also serve as the link between MINDEF and the public by promoting awareness on defence and inspiring support for NS. Held annually since 1998, the dinner serves to thank volunteers for their contributions to MINDEF.

Also present at the dinner were Minister of State for Defence Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Members of Parliament Ms Ellen Lee and Dr Chia Shi-Lu, President of the Military Court of Appeal Justice Choo Han Teck, Permanent Secretary (Defence) Mr Chan Yeng Kit, Permanent Secretary (Defence Development) Major-General (MG) (NS) Ng Chee Khern, Chief of Navy Rear-Admiral Lai Chung Han, Chief of Army MG Perry Lim, as well as senior officials from MINDEF and the SAF.

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