Usage surprisingly up by 20%

HONG KONG, Feb. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Hong Kong is a busy metropolitan city where call-for-taxi apps have become a handy tool in many people’s daily lives.  The demand for such apps has attracted numerous app developers to share a slice of the cake.  Some even come up with gimmick promotion ideas such as "Free-of-Charge Promotion Day" to stimulate users’ interest.  Despite the keen competition among others, leading call-for-taxi app in town "HKTaxi" has stood out from the crowd.  On February 11, when other competitors are offering free service to its customers, the recorded usage for "HKTaxi" has surprisingly gone up, with an increase of 20%.  Failing to reach taxi drivers by other apps has contributed to the success of "HKTaxi" on that day.  Developed locally, "HKTaxi" has a good sense of what Hong Kong people actually need most from them — prompt response from taxi drivers. Thanks to the developer’s vision, "HKTaxi" has focused on the recruitment of taxi drivers to joining its platform, enabling the efficient service to its customers. 

Although short term free-of-charge promotions are able to draw quite attention from the crowd, such sudden influx could cause a shortage in supply of taxis to people who are really in need, hence causing a longer waiting period to get the service.  Kay Lui, Co-Founder of "HKTaxi" commented: "Time often is more important than money to all the busy people in Hong Kong.  All they want is not just short term promotions, but rather quick response from taxi drivers.  On the ‘Free-of-Charge Promotion Day’ when other competitors were trying to seize the opportunity for expanding its customer base, our sales have surprisingly gone up by 20%.  The main reason is that many found other apps’ taxi drivers unreachable, therefore have switched to using our service immediately.  As an app that is developed locally, we understand by heart what our citizens really need, that is to be able to enjoy quick turnaround service from taxi drivers who have signed up on our platform.  Having said that, we have set recruitment as our top priority and have successfully invited over 22,000 taxi drivers to sign up on our platform.  To date, we have the strongest network with the most taxi drivers among all other call-for-taxi platforms.  On average, users will receive taxi drivers response within 10 seconds.  We have also accumulated over 500,000 downloads, which made us the most popular call-for-taxi app in Hong Kong."

"We very much welcome our competitors to continue with the promotional efforts so as to arouse more people’s attention to call-for-taxi apps and the convenience we can bring.  We also have faith in ‘HKTaxi’ in bringing more value to our target customers as it is not difficult to find our app’s interface more user friendly and is able to locate the appropriate taxi driver quicker.  The recent increase in the number of users have testified this," Kay Lui continued. 

While Lunar New Year holiday is approaching, "HKTaxi" will continue to strive for providing quick call-for-taxi service to Hong Kong people.  It is understood that most of the "HKTaxi" drivers will not be on leave, and will be able to provide service to accommodate the busy visiting families. 

About "HKTaxi"

Founded in July 2013, "HKTaxi" is developed by two young entrepreneurs who were born and raised in Hong Kong.  The app is the first call-for-taxi platform in Hong Kong, allowing app users to book a taxi via a mobile app.  To date, "HKTaxi" has a customer base of 500,000 users, 22,000 registered taxi drivers, and is the most popular call-for-taxi app that is used locally in Hong Kong.  Through close connection with taxi drivers, "HKTaxi" not only made easy, convenient and quick call-for-taxi service possible, but also brought more business to taxi drivers, achieving a win-win situation.  "HKTaxi" is now available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store. For more information, please visit:

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