QINGDAO, China, March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The beginning of 2015 saw the arrival of the first wave of new products in the home appliance market. Just a few days ago word leaked out that high-end home appliance maker Casarte would roll out the world’s first oil-less compressor refrigerator in China this March.

Oil-less compressor technology, originally used only in military applications, has, for the first time, been introduced into the home appliance industry by Casarte. It is the world’s first application of this technology to refrigerators. The product is scheduled to debut on March 10th during Homexpo at Shanghai Expo Park and is expected to be a substantial disruptor to the traditional refrigerator industry.

According to industry watchers, the biggest advantage of the oil-less compressor refrigerator is its ability to maintain a constant temperature and, as a result, sustained freshness of the refrigerator’s contents. Operation of the refrigerator is significantly more stable compared with a traditional model. The unit is capable of maintaining an interior temperature range of ‘0.05,’ a range that by industry standards would be considered a constant temperature, thereby maintaining the freshness of the contents. At variance with traditional refrigerators that keep external freshness of the food by the adjustment of temperature and humidity, the oil-less refrigerator is able to prevent water loss at the cellular level, and, by doing so, maintain the nutritional value of the food for a significantly longer time.

Beyond the expectation of being an industry disruptor, the Casarte oilless compressor refrigerator has the makings of a game-changer in terms of the amount of effective usable space for refrigeration. The compressor of a traditional refrigerator is usually installed at the bottom of the freezer and is quite space-consuming, however, in the case of the oil-less unit, the designer moved the compressor to the top of the refrigerator, making more room for the freezer and greatly expanding the effective usable space within the unit.

With the advances in science and technology, many changes have taken place across the home appliance industry, especially the high-end home appliance market. Improvement of customer experience is the first priority when considering innovations either in technology or design. The birth of the Casarte oilless compressor refrigerator in China is the result of insight into the expectations of high-end households and is seen as the first bold step towards entry into the international market.

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