QINGDAO, China, February 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On January 28 (New York Time), Haier magnetic levitation oil free centrifugal chiller landed at Times Square, and launched an energy-saving challenge to all central air conditioning brands in the world. In this 30-second-long video, the employees of Haier central air-conditioning shouted: "Haier magnetic levitation oil free centrifugal chiller is the most energy saving! We are launching the global ecological challenge, who dares to accept the challenge?" While declaring the strength of the Chinese brand, it will also set off a global competition of building energy efficiency as an initiator.

Speaking to the world at Times Square, Haier central air-conditioning has undoubtedly taken a precedent in the industry, and the world’s leading magnetic levitation energy-saving central air conditioning products become the powerful backing of the initiative. It is reported that Haier magnetic levitation oil free centrifugal chiller adopts an energy-saving and innovative technology, saving 50% of energy and having 30-year-long service life without maintenance through the oil free operation of the unit. At the same time, uniting global technical resources, Haier Research and Development Center has provided a new low-energy-consumption solution for green buildings and successfully created the energy-saving myth of "China’s first magnetic levitation chiller".

In the Chinese market, Haier central air conditioning has signed more than 160 new construction and energy-saving renovation projects with a total cost of RMB 400 million in the fields of industrial and commercial real estates, rail transportation, governmental public buildings and so on, taking a market share of 81%, and saving electricity of 900 million KWh (reducing carbon emissions by 900,000 tons). In overseas markets, Haier magnetic levitation chiller has won an Australian farm project for the first time on behalf of Chinese maglev enterprises and signed the first contract in EU countries. So far, a total of 64 models of Haier magnetic levitation air conditioning products have obtained the standard certification of America’s AHRI, and become a high-profile star product in the global refrigeration industry. Through the performance of Haier magnetic levitation air conditioning in 2014, it is not difficult to see the good development prospects of magnetic levitation central air conditioning in the global market.

One of China’s party and state leader chaired a state council executive meeting on January 28, and deployed to speed up the "going abroad" of the Chinese equipment such as railway, nuclear power, building materials production lines, to promote the international cooperation of production capacity and enhance the cooperation level. For China’s and even the world’s building energy conservation fields, landing at this global platform Times Square to launch the ecological challenge, Haier central air conditioning not only declared to the world on behalf of Chinese central air-conditioning brands, but also strongly brought China’s energy-saving HVAC technology to the global market with the practical action, or will bring about a global storm of green energy conservation.

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