SYDNEY, September 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Data breaches are a looming threat for business owners and consumers alike, with over 378 million victims hit every year. To boost data security on a global level, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council has been holding community meetings across all major regions to bring together data security experts who can learn from each other and combine their knowledge to create better security standards.


There is a particularly dire need for stronger data security in the Asia-Pacific; the region is two times more likely to be targeted by advanced cyber-attacks than the world as a whole.

As with the previous two community meetings at Berlin and Orlando, Ground Labs will be sponsoring the latest PCI event focussed on the Asia Pacific region, as well as appearing in its vendor showcase.

Live demos will be given of Ground Labs’ three sensitive data discovery tools- Card Recon, Data Recon and Enterprise Recon. The tools are designed to assist organisations in thoroughly identifying rogue cardholder data in all types of data storage, including emails, databases, documents and various other locations.

“PCI community meetings are excellent forums for anyone with responsibility for security of cardholder data,” said Stephen Cavey, the Director of Corporate Development for Ground Labs. “They offer a rare opportunity to share ideas with like-minded industry colleagues learn about the latest initiatives in protecting cardholder data.”

“The latest version 3.0 PCI data security standard is being adopted rapidly, but as an industry we are already thinking about how to further improve upon it, and in turn further refine Ground Labs’ own tools to combat the newest data breach threats.”

The Ground Labs team will be providing pre-release demonstrations of the latest build of Enterprise Recon. Enterprise Recon V2 features an upgraded GUI and an enhanced set of data discovery features designed to help companies scan their entire network for 95 different types of sensitive data, including credit card numbers, healthcare information and personal identification numbers.

The 2014 Asia Pacific Community Meeting will be held November 18-19 at the Hilton Sydney hotel in Sydney, Australia. Additional information about the 2014 PCI SCC Community Meetings is available here.

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Ground Labs is a global leader in the development of cardholder data discovery software for the payment card industry. Its flagship products, Card Recon and Enterprise Recon, identify data storage risks on thousands of computer systems worldwide, helping companies prevent security breaches that result in the theft of customers’ credit and debit card numbers. For more information and product demos, visit

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