NEW YORK, October 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Yet another major retailer confirmed suffering a hacking attack last week, after having their systems infected with a malware designed to steal credit and debit card numbers.

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Ground Labs has subsequently published an educational article detailing the breach, along with an analysis of the recent drop of public interest and concern over data breaches.

While in the past big retailer data breaches were hot topics that lead to significant dips in a company’s reputation, recent trends suggest that consumers care less about companies suffering hacking attacks. Not only do the hacked company’s reputations drop less than they did before, but their rate of reputation recovery is increasing as well.

However, the article stresses the importance of still making data security a top priority in corporations, as a drop in reputation is but one of the many hazards of suffering a data breach. Recovering from a data breach is still a time-consuming and expensive affair, much more so than simply focusing on properly maintaining a company’s data security systems and processes.

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