QINGDAO, China, September 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Photos and videos of a 15-year old girl and her “hip” 65-year-old grandfather that are making the rounds on the internet have triggered heated online debates in China. Social-M&G has issued a special report: the videos are part of a summer life experience montage submitted by the granddaughter. In the videos and photos, the 65-year-old senior looks like British male model Aiden Shaw. He and his 15-year-old granddaughter go paragliding, form a band, perform street dances and cosplay game The World 3, a game they have been active players of for a long time. The senior’s enthusiasm and vigor wows anyone who sees any of the videos: Grandpa, are you sure you live in this era and not another? How can you be more up to date than we are? Online audiences have taken to referring the active senior as “China’s Trendsetting Grandpa.”

Granddaughter's Music Video of Hip Grandpa Goes Viral in China

The trendy senior turns 65 while the granddaughter 15 this year. Granddaughter Xiao Xue told online audiences that her grandfather is different from other grandfathers in that he loves to sport loud Hawaiian shirts and has been riding a massive motorcycle since as far back as she can remember. It dawned on the girl that her old funny grandpa could be the next big thing. When the granddaughter was a toddler, he taught her magic, skateboarding, then as she grew into a young girl, the activities they enjoyed together expanded to include playing popular games, paragliding, street dancing, and taking motorcycle rides.

Xiaoxue said her grandfather’s 65th birthday is just a few days away. In order to surprise him, she has picked out items that represent the fun they have had together over the years and mastered video software, so she could take some simple pictures and video clips with her teacher’s help. She uploaded the content online and hopes her grandfather will discover it when he next goes online.

It comes as a surprise that online audiences are so touched by the happiness and joy expressed by the hip grandpa and granddaughter. Some have left posts saying that “Trendy grandpa is cute”, “the most fashionable grandpa in history”……In virtually no time at all, the trendy grandpa and his sweet granddaughter had gone viral.