TAIPEI, March 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Gorilla Technology Group – an expert developer of software platforms for managing video big data – has received C-round funding from Telstra Ventures, the investment arm of Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, Telstra.  

The investment follows several opportunities identified in the burgeoning market for video analysis and software-defined video storage across mainland China and Asia-Pacific. The deal gives Telstra Ventures a minority stake in Gorilla. Gorilla will use the investment to enhance its core Video Big Data & Analytics platform, and strengthen its sales and marketing presence worldwide.

"Gorilla’s video big data and analytics technology can be applied to several of Telstra’s key vertical markets, including retail, security, broadcast and government," said Dr Spincer Koh, Gorilla Technology Group CEO. "We see this investment as a first step in the roll out of software-based services, with Gorilla leveraging Telstra’s state-of-the-art global cloud and telco infrastructure to capture new business opportunities worldwide."

For the past 15 years, Gorilla has applied its technology to two of the most video-centric industries around: broadcast media and video surveillance. Today, with the prevalence of video as a communication medium, and its availability across an ever-expanding ecosystem of capture and playout devices, the ability to analyze and manage the big data generated from video offers new opportunities for providing business intelligence and value-added services across a wide range of industry sectors.

According to Dr Koh, Gorilla’s approach to finding investors is focused on developing strategic technology and business partnerships, with Telstra being a good match for tackling the huge demand for software-driven value-added services for enterprise, government and the home.

Telstra International President, Tim Chen, said Gorilla’s software solutions enable their business customers to convert raw video into searchable data and real-time searchable video cataloguing. Retail, security, broadcast and government industries will benefit from Gorilla’s solutions for scheduling and management and its video analytic software solutions in intelligent security and forensics.

"Telstra will also be able to integrate Gorilla’s software into our network and resell an integrated solution to enterprise and government customers worldwide through our international connectivity and data centres. Gorilla will also provide storage using Telstra’s Cloud solutions to its customers worldwide," Mr. Chen said.

Gorilla develops its own software systems from its research and development facility in Taiwan, serving customers across the regions of Asia, the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Existing customer relationships reflect Gorilla’s focus on building business within the enterprise and semi-government sectors.

At the NAB 2015 show in Las Vegas in April, Gorilla will announce its first line of broadcast video services on Telstra’s cloud infrastructure. Gorilla will begin showcasing other sector-specific services available via its Video Big Data and Analytics platform on Telstra starting Q3 this year.

About Telstra

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, offering a range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets. In Australia Telstra provides 16.4 million mobile services, 7.4 million fixed voice services and 3 million retail fixed data services. Telstra provides international customers with end-to-end solutions including managed network services, global connectivity, data, voice, satellite solutions, collaboration and cloud. Telstra has licenses internationally and facilitates access to more than 2,000 Points of Presence in 230 countries and territories.

Telstra Ventures invests in breakthrough companies that are strategically important to Telstra’s future growth. Its investments are focused on enabling Telstra to offer new products and services, by working closely with some of the technology world’s most innovative entrepreneurs to make sure Telstra remains on the cutting edge.

About Gorilla Technology

Gorilla Technology is a global leader in Video Big Data and Analytics technology, supporting a wide range of video-centric applications for broadcast media and entertainment, education, enterprise unified communication, business intelligence, and security. In addition to managing over 35 petabytes of content across 5 continents and in multiple languages, Gorilla solves key Video Big Data related issues derived from the volume, velocity and variety of videos generated by real-world applications in Smart Cities, logistics, and retail. Working with leading hardware partners such as Cisco, EMC, and Dell, Gorilla offers scalable on-site products and solutions that facilitate video intelligence, video management, video delivery and network intelligence for a variety of video applications. Gorilla also works with service providers to develop value-added cloud-based video entertainment and security services for the connected home, office and government. Gorilla Technology was established in 2000 by Dr Spincer Koh, a PhD graduate of the University of Washington, and has sales representation across the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and mainland China. Prior to investment by Telstra Ventures in 2015, investors in other funding rounds included EMC, HTC, and Morningside Technology Investments Limited.

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