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SINGAPORE, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Attribute Clusters is the latest feature launching today from BuzzCity, the leading global mobile advertising network. The new feature leverages proprietary data from regular audience sampling and allows advertisers to target large demographic clusters in the emerging markets with both precision and scale.

BuzzCity continuously obtain insights from its audience of publishers on the network, gathering information on gender, age, location and occupation. Grouping publishers with similar attributes together, the feature will offer brands and agencies the opportunity to target their advertising and actively deliver relevant ads to particular audience segments, to sites where at least 65% of the audience displays that attribute.

In many markets, males are more likely to shop online than females. This finding is reflected in the first launch of the feature; the two attribute clusters being male and young adults. More attributes will be introduced in the coming months to allow advertisers to deliver their brand message to more audience segments.

In 2015, emerging markets will drive global advertising spending, with the advertising marketing projected to grow by 10.7% over the next three years. BuzzCity’s unique approach to attribute clustering offers the best targeting feature catered towards the emerging markets, such as Asia, Africa and LATAM.  

"Targeting is really about optimising your spends, but there is no point optimising a campaign until you lose reach," comments Dr KF Lai, CEO and founder of BuzzCity. "We’ve taken an approach that segments the relevant global audiences without losing scale."

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