SINGAPORE, Nov. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Gamification uses game mechanics and game design techniques to create a game like experience while achieving work goals. The main purpose is to make work more appealing, motivating and fun while working towards tight deadlines and targets.

The question of course is – how does this make sense in a call center environment?

Call centers often employ young employees and have problems with staff retention. Anything that makes the work environment more "fun", based on an interaction similar to what young employees are used to in the virtual world, results in increased motivation and employee loyalty.

This can be done using the Collab 2.5 suite – OneContact and OneWorkforce – which makes possible a total call center workforce optimisation process starting with Quality Monitoring and Workforce Management, and continuing with E-Learning.

The Collab approach is to have three different types of events: Quests, Challenges and Achievements, each one serving a different purpose.

  • A Quest is a target that must be reached in order to get a reward. This is not a competition between employees – the idea is for as many call center agents as possible to complete the Quest. E.g.- "The early bird catches the worm. Get to work on time every day this week and get 10 points!"
  • Challenges are competitions where call center agents should strive to improve their performance and outperform colleagues. E.g. "Beat the average! Answer more phone calls than 75% of other call agents and get 20 points!"
  • Achievements highlight feats and reward expertise or consistency. E.g. "Congratulations you have been working with the company for a year! Here’s 20 points for your hard work."

Collab’s OneContact solution is a multimedia call center software solution, offering complete and integrated communications management for call centers, including voice, video, email, instant messaging and social networks.

Hear more about how gamification can help your call center at Call Center Week Philippines where Collab is Technology Innovation Partner! Call Center Week Philippines takes place 2 – 5 December 2014 in Manila. Visit for full information about registering a place.

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