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What’s coming next: Acision launches new nifty user interface for smart communication app, fuseMe by Acision, with creative customisation for users 

Acision, the global leader in mobile engagement services and creator of the smart, all-in-one communication app, fuseMe by Acision, today announces development plans for the application over the next three months. Applauded for its seamless functionality in titles including CNET, Stuff, T3, The Guardian (UK), Gizmodo and PhoneArena, as well as being a finalist at the Mobile Entertainment and Awards in 2014, Acision has grand plans for the white-label solution in 2015, and these are some of the highlights.

Nifty New User Interface 

Today fuseMe by Acision is already recognised for helping users share their world smarter, combining social communications and entertainment with additional features beyond those of other over-the-top (OTT) players. Its features include multi-screen utilisation with drag and drop functionality, giving users the ability to have multiple chats with different contacts at once, or the option to browse the internet (via the in-app web browser), watch a video and chat at the same time, while also dragging and dropping content between screens. While this, combined with exceptional video and voice quality, newsfeeds, games, ephemeral messages, "share my view" video broadcast and smartwatch, was already cool enough, to make fuseMe even smarter and more enticing in 2015, Acision will be launching a new lightweight User Interface (UI) in Q1, promising an exceptional user experience to rival its competitors.  

The new release promises a transformed visual language, building on the bright, clean theme already associated with fuseMe by Acision. The fresh, two-dimensional colours, shapes, layout, and typefaces will make it stand out in the social messaging landscape. "We have been focusing a lot on refining the graphic interface for fuseMe. The look and feel is the first thing a user notices when downloading an app and we want the user journey to feel harmonious and intuitive. Never before has the experience been more important, when so many OTT apps are competing for consumer mindshare. While features and functionality are important, ease of use and navigation are equally imperative and will motivate the user to come back for more," said Jesse Conover, Acision’s Lead User Experience Designer.

Customise Your App 

The customisable elements of the new fuseMe by Acision interface design will provide a comfortable and intuitive user experience. The new home screen provides an overview of new and recent activity, with a simple on and off switch that allows the user to prioritise what they see, where and how they see it. The homepage can give access to:

  • Contacts and features such as games and in-app web browser
  • Last message represented at the top with contact presence
  • Last voice call highlighted with contact presence and voicemail indicator
  • A user’s favourite channel subscriptions

The user can then swipe left to view additional messages, calls and content and by tapping on the menu icon, they can access the navigation drawer to see where they are and where else they can go.   In addition, with fuseMe’s drag and drop capability, the consumer can freely reset and re-order their chosen content extensions.  

This is just a taster of what the UI experience will bring…to find out more, try fuseMe yourself or get a glimpse of the new UI prototype, get in touch, to meet with us at CES 2015, 6th – 9th January or meet us on the Acision stand in Hall 8.1 during Mobile World Congress 2015, 2nd – 5th March.

What else will be on the cards for fuseMe by Acision in 2015? 

In 2015, Acision are set to reveal more exciting features such as a new gaming and sticker experience, even smarter sharing functionality and new in-app channels and purchasing possibilities, which will deliver everything and more that a user has come to expect of an app in an ever-level messaging playing field.  

In addition, in Q1 2015, Acision will launch the enterprise version of fuseMe by Acision with Office 365 and LinkedIn integration, secure messaging and much, much more.

As a white-label application built on Acision’s forge SDK, fuseMe by Acision is targeted at mobile operators and enterprises to enable them to launch their own OTT solutions. fuseMe by Acision combines all of today’s communication capabilities such as chat, group and ephemeral messaging, audio notes, video and VoIP calls and smartwatch integration, as well as more advanced features such as multi-screen utilisation with drag and drop functionality, "broadcast video" and "share my view" – all in the one place. fuseMe’s in-app web browsing and customisable content channels all provide a unique experience, without having to leave the app. For more information on fuseMe by Acision, please visit:

About Acision 

Acision connects the world by powering relevant, seamless mobile engagement services that interoperate across all IP platforms and enrich the user experience creating value and new communication opportunities for carriers, enterprises and consumers across the world.

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