It’s really confusing about how to react over the news that Pakistan in coming years would be third largest country with nuclear assets especially when Pakistan is in a developing phase, with a shaky situation of food security level.

No doubt these nuclear weapons are made for the protection of the people from external aggression but who will be protected if survival is difficult for million living near or below the poverty line.

With the existing rate of population growth Pakistan will jump to fourth from sixth position by 2050. Depressingis the fact that only 40% of the land has been added to the whole cultivable land in 60 years.

The UN report of 2010 clearly stated that food prices in Pakistan are too high.

A slight fluctuation in climatic conditions stumbles the majority below the poverty line.

However these are some of the hard facts, which are unchangeable unless long-term efforts and structural planning is not invested at the macro level.

On the other hand it is also so disturbing to see how food wastage is becoming a fashion these days in our society.

The past few years have seen a complete change in the lifestyles of the people, the class differences have emerged more prominently and so do differing lifestyle associated with them.

One thing that has change during this time period is the eating habits and food consumption pattern of the people.

Lavishness of the food at the gatherings, weddings is now the symbol of richness in the society.

We all can notice, that streets and roads are now fill with eateries with and an equal rush can be seen at these places every time.

But one thing that is really not going well is as food consumption rate has increased so do the food wastage rate has also multiplied.

The reason is the increased desire to have ‘excess’. This can normally be seen in the heaps of leftover food in the weddings, restaurants, hotels in the buffets specifically.

Well, the reason of food wastage is still unclear. Neither it’s the status symbol nor good for anyone’s health. The dilemma doesn’t end here, where a group of people fortunate enough to waste the food beyond their need. There also live classes of people who satisfy their hunger with these bins.

Each day stories flashes in media about people, succumbing to suicides due to hunger.

Food wastage causes the price hike taking it away from the reach of the less affluent class.

Even more uncomfortable is the apathy of the wider society in this realm.

Urgent measures are required to increase the food security level, which is the task of the government to increase the cultivable land, or improve the food storage facility. Hence these measures would require extensive finance and time and in the mean while, withthe increased population making the projects inevitable to meet the new demands levels.

However the short-term measures are food conservation in which the civil society can participate by not wasting food.

All we have to do is, think before eating and must see whether the food intake matches our body’s need or we are just squandering money and filling dustbin with wasted food. Several food conservation campaigns have been initiated in different parts of the world including UK, USA, Germany ,”SAVE THE FOOD” CAMPAIGN was initiated in Singapore and ROBIN HOOD ARMY by a group of people in India.

The food conservation demands the efforts from each and every segment of the civil society.

Government, NGOs, layman, professionals it’s the combined responsibility to reduce wastage, and save food to serve the humanity. The request is to the whole civil society to think collectively but acting individually, in saving the food.