SAN DIEGO and SINGAPORE and AMSTERDAM and BRISBANE, Australia, March 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The 22,000 user implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX by SaaSplaza, Microsoft and Datacon for Flight Centre will be the largest deployment on Microsoft Azure.

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SaaSplaza will implement and manage the ERP workloads on Azure, connecting Flight Centre staff around the world with a travel application based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Flight Centre Group CIO Peter Wataman explains why they chose SaaSplaza Azure Services:

"SaaSplaza was selected to provide their AX Management Services to Flight Centre for three main reasons. They have extensive knowledge of delivering Dynamics on Azure, proven experience in managing AX, and they are very comfortable working in collaboration with Dynamics ISVs to manage integrated solutions. For a project of this scale and complexity we need these skills and experience," says Mr. Wataman.

Flight Centre Travel Group, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, is one of the largest Travel Agency networks in the world. They operate more than 1500 stores worldwide in more than a dozen countries, with annual revenues of more than USD $13 billion.

The diversity of their geographic requirements means the company will utilise SaaSplaza Azure Services from multiple Azure locations, including Australia, the United States and Europe.

"When a business the size of Flight Centre moves to the Microsoft Cloud, it sends a strong signal to similar enterprises. Their decision means other businesses should look seriously at running ERP workloads in the cloud," says Herb Prooy, SaaSplaza Founder and APAC Director.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and GP customers now have a more straightforward choice between choosing Azure or an on-premise solution. They can thoroughly test and move their production ERP workloads to Azure with confidence and peace of mind, and take advantage of any Azure consumption benefits that may be part of their licensing agreements.

SaaSplaza CEO Berend-Jan van Maanen explains that flexibility is also a key feature of SaaSplaza’s Azure services.

"We can provide the Azure solution and integrated Dynamics services together, or integrate our Dynamics Services for Enterprise customers with their own Azure solution."

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