Launched by Nexus in July 2011, ciNE65 encourages aspiring film-makers to tell their Singapore story and what Singapore means to them. Through ciNE65, Nexus hopes to harness the potential of short films to touch the hearts and minds of Singaporeans, as well as to recognise and nurture local film-making talents.

The word "cine" is short for cinema, while the number "65" connotes all things Singaporean - from our year of independence in 1965 to our international dialling code (+65).

The theme for the fourth season of ciNE65, "Home Truly", calls on film-makers to reflect on; (i) their hopes and dreams for Singapore; (ii) what it takes to make Singapore a home, truly; and (iii) what future generations would want to have and cherish. It is spelt with a little red dot in the middle, reminding us of our smallness and vulnerabilities as a nation. The little red dot has also become a symbol of strength, representing how we have turned constraints into opportunities, and defied all odds to build a successful and unique multi-racial and multi-religious country that we can be proud of.


There are three award categories: Jury's Choice Awards, Audience Choice Awards and Inter-School Challenge.

There are eight technical awards each for the Student and Open Categories in the Jury's Choice Awards. These awards were determined by a selection panel made up of industry professionals and the organiser.

There are three awards in the Audience Choice Awards, and they were determined by the total number of votes received from the public.

The Inter-School Challenge award is given to the school with the highest number of quality entries submitted by its student teams under the Student Category.

Only entries shortlisted by the selection panel will qualify for the award/s. An entry may be nominated for more than one award. A winning entry for any award will still be eligible for other prizes that it is nominated for.