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Posted: 18 Jul 2014, 2100 hours (GMT +8)

Expertise Conversion Scheme: Pioneer Batch Graduates Today


Ms Hui Linyi donning the new rank on her fiance ME4(A) (NS) Princet Ang at the graduation ceremony.

Director for National Service Affairs, Brigadier-General (BG) (NS) Tung Yui Fai officiated at the inaugural graduation ceremony this evening, where 22 National Servicemen (NSmen) were appointed senior military experts under the new Expertise Conversion Scheme (ECS). The pioneer cohort comprised 14 senior military experts from the Republic of Singapore Navy and eight from the Singapore Army.
During the ceremony, BG (NS) Tung said that he was heartened to witness the commitment and dedication of the pioneer batch of graduands. He said, “Tonight, I am convinced that I am amongst a group of 22 committed NSmen who had continued to volunteer your service because you believe strongly in the purpose and importance of National Service for the defence and security of Singapore.” BG (NS) Tung also highlighted that he was confident that the scheme would bolster the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) operational capabilities. He added, “This scheme allows us to tap into our diverse NS talent pool to enhance the operational readiness and capability of the SAF.”
The graduation ceremony marked the completion of the first two components of training for the graduands, which provided them with formal specialisation training as well as military leadership education. The newly appointed senior military experts will move on to receive their final component of training – On-Job-Training – while serving in their respective professional areas.
Also present at the ceremony were other senior SAF officers as well as families and employers of the graduands.

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