ST. LOUIS, Oct. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Exegy Inc. has released new versions of its hardware-accelerated Ticker Plant and Market Data System appliances along with an updated Exegy Client API to meet growing demands from sell-side agency businesses, market makers, and proprietary traders. The 3.3 versions of the appliances and API significantly enhance Exegy’s virtual order book capabilities which provide composite views of financial instruments across multiple markets. In addition to dynamically selecting the markets that contribute to a composite data view, applications may now view the normalized trading state of the instrument on each contributing market. In addition, applications may optionally choose to filter price contributions to the composite view based on the normalized trading state of the instrument on the given market. The Exegy normalized data model also has been enhanced to allow users to respond to Request For Quote (RFQ) events. "Smart Order Routing applications represent a significant and growing proportion of the Exegy user base," says chief technology officer David Taylor. "We worked closely with our customers to identify product enhancements that would result in higher fill rates and more profitable trading decisions," adds Taylor.

In addition to enhancing the quality and flexibility of its data normalization capabilities, Exegy has introduced enhancements to the Java version of the Exegy Client API that reduce data retrieval latency by over 50 percent. The speed improvements apply to both modes of normalized data delivery supported by the Exegy Client API: a push model and a pull model. The push model delivers normalized event objects via a user-defined callback function. The pull model allows applications to retrieve snapshots on demand from cache records maintained by the Exegy Client API in local memory. In either mode, applications may now pre-define sets of normalized data fields that may be subsequently retrieved in a single operation. "As usage of our products and managed services continues to expand throughout the market data enterprise, we believe this is an ideal time to improve the capabilities and performance of our Java API," says chief information officer Scott Parsons. "These new features not only deliver significant benefits to a broad range of applications, but they also bring our C and Java API versions into greater symmetry," adds Parsons.

Rounding out the 3.3 release is a three-fold increase in the input capacity of Exegy’s largest appliance models. Exegy deploys 4U models of its appliances for high capacity use cases which include processing all direct feeds from the United States options markets along with the SIAC OPRA feed. The 3.3 release supports new network interface technology that allows Exegy to scale appliance capacity to address increasing aggregate data rates and burst rates of individual feeds.

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The data rate monitoring features of Exegy appliances provide all of the updates for, and, the first public websites that provide minute-by-minute accounts of the aggregated volume of market data messages across major exchanges in the United States, Europe, and Canada, respectively.